8 Tips To Spookify Your Garage This Halloween!

8 Tips To Spookify Your Garage This Halloween!

Turn your garage into a spooktacular room of fright this Halloween for friends and trick-or-treaters alike.

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Image of Haunted Garage Kit from Shindigz.com

Just how creative you want to get is up to you. We’ve scoured the web for the best tips and ideas on how to convert your “gore-age” into a scream inducing experience!

  1. Put away or move dangerous tools, and straighten up the area. Use coverings such as old sheets, ripped netting, burlap, or anything else you have around to conceal larger objects and shelves. The more ragged looking the better!
  2. Arrange spooky props like tombstones and coffins, cobwebs, dripping blood, dead flowers, old candelabras, haunted paintings and animatronic bats, skeletons and zombies.
  3. Cover a table or bench with Halloween table cloth and decorate it with plastic spiders, cobwebs, and any other plastic creepy crawlers your local party store offers.
  4. Place your candy buckets with narrow openings on the table. If you feel like playing a trick, fill one bucket fill with candy and treats. The other place red Jello and cooked spaghetti to simulate innards.
  5. Illuminate the scene and any moving or glowing decorations with a strobe light or black light. The odd lighting will also keep your guests off kilter and make them think the decorations are even spookier.
  6. Play horror movie soundtracks or eerie sound effects. You can also lighten the mood by playing classic Halloween songs like “Monster Mash.”
  7. Put a friend or older child in a cardboard box or large garbage can and conceal it as best you can. Have them jump out of the box as trick-or-treaters are taking their candy.
  8. Make the garage even moodier with a fog machine

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If you decide not to turn your garage into a haunted room, you can still have fun decorating the outside. Think of the garage door as an empty palate. What you can do with it is limited by your creativity!

  • Use sneakers and an old pair of jeans stuffed with newspaper to mimic a garage door accident.
  • Purchase some decals and stickers from your local party store to spruce up the wall.
  • String cobwebs, bats, spiders and more around your garage door.
  • Put fake blood on and around the door.

For more great tips ask the salespeople at your Halloween store. Happy Halloween!

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