Interview With Mike O’Rourke of Garaga

Garaga’s Efficiency ‘System’ Gears Up For The IDA Expo

Interview with Mike O’Rourke – Garaga Garage Doors

In a recent conversation with Mike O’Rourke, Northeast Regional Sales Manager for Garaga Garage Doors, we got an insightful look at some of the benefits of their highly regarded insulated door system which will be featured later this year at the upcoming IDA Expo in Las Vegas.

O’ Rourke points out, “Homeowners do many things to reduce energy costs inside and outside their homes…but they often forget to consider the largest moving part of their home: the garage door.”

“Garaga is the only door on the market that works as a ‘system’ to help make homes more efficient”, proclaims O” Rourke. “These doors are engineered in Canada to deal with the cold Canadian winters”.

“Homeowners get hung up on R-Value as a single indicator of efficiency,” explains O’Rourke when asked about some of the common misconceptions homeowners have when searching for an efficient garage door, “…but R-Value means very little if the door does not have a complete thermal break system and proper weather seal system on all four sides and in between door sections.”

“Without thermal breaks,” he continues, “heat and cold get inside the garage reducing insulation value; metal caps and inefficient seals between the sections can allow frost build up and may cause sections of the door to freeze together; …In the end, consumers have wasted their money on an inefficient door that does not contribute to energy savings.”

O’Rourke proudly stands behind the efficiency and reputation of Garaga’s product, which has earned the ISO 9002/9001 Quality Certification, and welcomes inquiries from dealers who want to offer their customers the best insulated door on the market. “The Garaga Garage Door System is the only door on the market to provide for a complete thermal break between each section, the lowest air infiltration system in the industry, the highest R-Value, the best weatherstrip and insulated thermal pane windows…it’s simply the best choice and one that consumers notice makes a real difference in contributing to energy savings in their homes.”

For more information on Garaga products, logon to and, or visit their booth at the IDA expo this April in Las Vegas!