Dynamic Closures Prepares To ‘Lockdown’ IDA EXPO


Interview with Gregory Trimboli of Dynamic Closures

George Clooney and his Ocean’s Eleven team may have outsmarted the Las Vegas pit bosses and blinded the casino’s eye in the sky, but had they come across some of the security grilles produced by Dynamic Closures, that movie would have ended a little different.

As we countdown to the 2010 IDA Expo in Las Vegas, we had the chance to speak with Dynamic Closures’ VP of Sales and Marketing, Gregory Trimboli, who let us sneak behind the gate to get a peek at a few new products that will be showcased on the expo floor.

Our newest products focus on making the installation simple and safe”, says Trimboli. “There is nothing quite like these in the market. The reaction from the dealers has been very gratifying because they immediately see the benefits of the products.” 

The products include the new Lift Ready overhead rolling doors and grilles. An innovative variety of coiling doors and rolling grilles uniquely designed with manual push-up and electric motor operation.

Described as a revolutionary new design that reduces installation time and effort – and is also light weight for easy installation and operation. The Lift Ready series is available in five modern designs which can be seen here.

Dynamic Closures will also be featuring the EZ Side Folding Line – which is a popular series of aluminum security grilles, the Roll and Fold Portable Wall Series of manual folding partitions, and the Min Roll-Up Line that has three new product offerings of its own.

The Lift Ready Rolling Line allows the installation of a rolling grille with support tubes to be complete in about an hour,” explains Trimboli when asked about some of the additional benefits of these newly featured products. “The amazing thing is how safe we have made the installation.”

Likewise with the EZ Closure, it installs in no time at all. Because it has so many standout features and architectural benefits, these products can be installed in areas like no other products can. It’s truly amazing! We have over 10,000 EZ products installed with a fraction of one percent that have had any warranty issues.”

The Mini Roll-Up Line,” he continues, “ is a nice answer for the small openings such as counters and pass through windows. Again, fairly easy to install and looks great when you’re done!…The Roll and Fold Line is a great answer to providing pedestrian control or close off an area that is not high in security. We find they are used in airports, hotels, restaurants and colleges most often because they are not a permanent structure and answer light security issues with no construction.”

Other than being known as a manufacturer of security gates and closures, Dynamic Closures has a reputation for exceeding customer expectations and who prides itself on its superior customer service. The company’s dedication is constantly proven through continued investments in new technology and employee development.

It’s easy to say, Dynamic Closures will have the IDA Floor in Vegas on lockdown! Be sure to visit their both for full product demonstrations. All of the products that will be featured at the IDA Expo are currently available and have extensive information on their website at www.dynamicclosures.com. For further information, you can speak directly with their wonderful customer service representatives at 800-663-4599.