At Last, You Can Finally Open Your Garage Door From Your iPhone!

The Liftmaster Iphone App allows you to work your garage door and other devices in your home from anywhere in the world. Sounds pretty cool, right? Demand for the app, however, seemed low.  Curious whether this was lack of awareness or a problem with the app, I hooked it up at home and have been using for it for a few months.

Personally, I like the fact that I am now be able to open, close, and check the status of my door from anywhere in the world.  You’d be surprised how helpful it can be.  Recently, I had new couches delivered. I had the delivery guy call when he got to my house and then I just opened the garage door from my phone so they could bring the couches inside garage.  This literally saved me a day off from work.

Keep reading and I’ll show you how to set it up, what else it does and what you need to get started.

Before the app is operational you have to set the system up. The process is super easy to do. This video explains the whole process step by step. It only takes about 5-10 mins and you are up and running. The video also mentions how there are other accessories that will work remotely with the app which I will talk about  in a bit.

Another good resource to help you with the setup is the Quick Start Guide (Basically a step by step walk through on your phone) which can be found in the Help tab of the app.

Once you are set up the first thing you are going to want to do is change your security settings to your liking. If you look at the reviews of the app, this seems to be one of the biggest gripes people have. Basically the default settings of the app make you sign in with your Email and Password (as shown on screenshot to right) every time you log in to the app, as well as every time you want to open your door. This is a huge pain in the butt! Just to open your door it takes over a minute of typing your login info. The good news is that these settings can be changed. Here is how you do that.


1. Log into the app and click on the Account tab, and then click on your account name

2. You will then come to the Account Info screen. The two areas we will deal with will be Security and Passcode

3. Go into the Security tab. This is where you will set when you want to require a Login

4. If you decided you want no security requirements to work the app you are done. If you do want the added security login, you can change it to a 4 digit pin instead of the full email and password. Do this by going to the Passcode tab. In that tab you can change that code as well as toggle it on and off.

Changing the security settings is in important feature. Liftmaster could’ve avoided a lot of  negative reviews by making them more visible.  For me I leave it so that I need to enter the 4 digit pin only when opening up the app. That way if I lost the phone no one could operate my door, but it’s still super quick and easy to do.

There is one strange security threat. For whatever reason, the app displays your home address in the info tab. This is the kind of design flaw that makes one scrunch up their face in bewilderment. There is no practical reason that I can see for displaying this information. But if you choose the lowest security level and you lose your phone, well, you get the picture. There is an option to delete this information, which I recommend doing right away.


When you log into the app you are brought to a home screen, which is where you can manage and operate all of your devices. Each device can be named when you first set it up so if you have multiple doors you know which is which. You can also see the status of the door, which is really handy. If you’re driving to work and you can’t remember whether you closed the door or not (which I do frequently) you don’t have to worry because the app will show you the doors status. It will even show you how long the door has been opened or closed. Sorry kids- no more coming in after curfew. I can take one look on the app and know exactly when my son strolled in last night.

There are a few other accesories that work with the Liftmaster app besides your garage door. One is a light switch, and the other is basically a unit you can plug into any standard outlet. Both of these are meant so that you could remotely control lighting or other small appliances in your house. I actually use the one to turn my coffee pot on in the morning so I have piping hot coffee by the time I get down to the kitchen.

If you’re thinking about getting the app, there are a few other things to note. For the first year of use the app is completely free, but after that Liftmaster is going to charge you $14.95 a year. For me this wasn’t a deal breaker but it definitely has to play into your decision on whether it makes sense for you. You also need one of their MyQ compatible openers for the app to work. All in all, if your fine with those two things, the app works as advertised with some extra features that really do come in handy