A Simple Solution For A Common Garage Secrurity Problem

A Simple Solution For A Common Garage Secrurity Problem

It seems to be getting more frequent. A neighborhood experiences a mini crime spree as thieves go from driveway to driveway opening the home’s garage door by gaining entry in the car and opening the garage door with the remote.

It seems most of us keep the garage door remote control in the same place in our car, driver’s side visor, and the thieves know it.

This security problem has a simple, convenient and inexpensive solution- the keychain remote. Nearly every garage door opener manufacturer offers one.

The keychain remote works because you take the remote with you when you leave the car. It’s convenient because the remote is with you whenever you need it, as long as you have your keys… you have your remote.

If you can program the remote yourself, you can go ahead and pick one up in almost any big box retailer. If you’d like to program it yourelf but are not sure how, watch the video with your brand to learn how. And of course, if you need help, please give us a call. http://credit-n.ru/credit-card-single-tinkoff-platinum.html http://credit-n.ru/zaymyi-v-ukraine.html

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