Green Garage Door Guide

Buying a new garage door is a big decision. There are many factors to consider, from type of material used to color and trim. Costs can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand depending on these factors. But the one factor that is most often overlooked is also the most important: Environmental friendliness.

Many companies these days are manufacturing with an eye towards the green movement. Unfortunately the garage door industry is lagging in producing environmentally friendly and sustainable products. Finding a garage door that is actually eco friendly can still be a challenge. That’s why we put together this guide. The Green Garage Door Guide.

Green Garage Doors

From garage doors made of reclaimed wood to affordable yet sustainable recycled wood composite garage doors, this list compiles the big name and small name garage door manufacturers and the green garage doors they offer.

EcoBuilt by Overhead Door

Manufactured by Overhead Door, these garage doors are SCS Certified as having a minimum of 88% Recycled Content. The doors are composed of100% recycled wood fiber, 81% of which is from unused Douglas-fir scrapfrom wood mills.

Specially formulated to resist moisture, thesegarage doors actually outperform regular wood garage doors in tests of weather and time. EcoBuilt garage doors resist splitting, warping and cracking, unlike conventional wood doors, and they won’t dent or bend like steel.

A variety of colors and styles are available in the EcoBuilt line, so you should have no trouble getting the garage door that best matches your design needs.

Amarr Jeld-Wen Wood Composite Garage Doors

Amarr’s line of Jeld-Wen wood composite garage doors are both stylish and environmentally friends. Interior and exterior skins are made containing a minimum of SCS certified 80% recycled wood and resins. For energy efficiency each door is packed with environmentally safe, CFC-free, polystyrene insulation that provides stability with no loss of R-value over time.

Mountain Rustics: Reclaimed Wood Garage Doors

Pine and Douglas Fir from a dismantled, 100 year old Southern Pacific Railroad Trestle weathered years over the Great Sale Lake. Beams and Ramps used to store and move whiskey barrels from the original Seagram’s distillery. Montana Rustics reclaims and recycles wood to build custom garage doors with beauty and character. These doors cost more than doors made of virgin or wood composite, but are just the thing for the home owner looking for an eco-friendly garage door with a story.

Fimbel ADS – Green Manufacturing

Fimbels signature Dur-A-Tek Hardwood Composite Garage Doors is fully composed of SCS certified materials. No old growth wood is used, instead being made from 100% Northern hardwoods; maple, beech, oak, and scrap wood byproduct from other operations.

Non composite hard wood door series Deluxe Estates and Early American Mahogany are harvested exclusively from Permanent Reserved Forests using a rotating selective felling system. This allows for a perpertualy regenerating forest. The timber is not clear cut, nor is the forest converted to a commercial tree plantation with a single species. On average, one to two trees per acre are selected for extraction by foresters, based on forest management principles. Trees are not selected for their commercial value.