Interview with Abe Enns of Hanover Doors

Hanover Doors: Heavy Duty Made Simple at IDA Expo 2010

Interview with Abe Enns of Hanover Doors

As we get closer to heading out to Las Vegas for the IDA Expo in April, we were curious to see what our Canadian friends in the north were up to and what they’d be pushing through customs on their trip to Sin City.

Abe Enns, General Manager at Hanover Doors tell us, “We will be featuring a new Super Heavy Duty weight counter balance lift system for over head doors….This lift system is designed to handle extra wide or tall doors. It is also well suited for use in difficult environments such as high humidity and corrosive situations.”

So exactly how big a door are we talking about here Abe?…”The lift system is designed to handle doors up to 40′ wide by 30′ high, and can be custom designed for most applications. It works well in most situations where torsion springs may not work…We also market this lift system a Heavy Duty System for all standard size doors.”

Located in Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada, Hanover Doors is know for their simple and durable overhead door solutions. How simple can a weight counterbalance system be?

Steel ballast is used to counter the weight of the door. The door goes up, the weights come down. The door goes down, the weights go up. Simple as that!

An enclosure on one side of the door guides a series of weights. These weights are connected to the door by a cable through a series of pulleys. The system is designed for unlimited cycles of operation and to work trouble free under the most extreme and demanding conditions with little to no maintenance required.

No need to wait until Vegas. The Hanover Door Lift System is available now and more information can be obtained at their website, You can also contact Walter at Hanover Doors for information by phone, toll free at 800-667-3667. Be sure to ask about how you can get a copy of the informative Hanover Doors DVD with a visual guide of the products. Representatives will also be on the IDA Expo floor to answer your questions at the Hanover Doors booth this April in Las Vegas!