Interview with Brian Dickson of BD Loops

BD Loops: Getting ‘Wired’ at IDA Expo 2010

Interview with Brian Dickson of BD Loops

BD Loops, manufacturer of performed direct burial and saw-cut loops, is creating some buzz going into this year’s IDA Expo in Las Vegas with the release of their new 3/16” sealant tip for use with major loop sealant brands. Brian Dickson, General Manager of BD Loops, tells us more about the market’s first 3/16’” sealant tip, which will no longer force installers to use a 1/4” sealant tip for saw cut applications.

“An installer can save 25% more sealant by using a 3/16” saw cut groove instead of a 1/4” groove,” says Dickson. “When used with BD Loops performed saw-cut loop, sealant savings can increase up by 50%.”

Imprinted on the Sealant tip is a depth gauge installers can use to insure depth of cut accuracy, resulting in even more sealant savings. “An installer can completely seal a saw-cut groove with just one pass,” continues Dickson. “This is accomplished by the built in backer-rod on our loops, completely sealing the bottom of the 3/16” groove. Applying loop sealant has never been quicker or easier!”

With over nine years of business under their belt and only one loop failure to date, BD Loops continues to pride themselves with a quality that is unheard of in the gate and door industry. As a proud member of the AFA (American Fence Association), NOMMA (National Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metals Association), and of course, IDA (International Door Association), BD Loops has become a vendor for every major distributor.

Where better to showcase BD Loops’ newest product than the IDA Expo in Las Vegas, where electricity is in the air!?! Even more, where better to flaunt the benefits of saving time, energy and money than a town where all of that can be lost in a bad night at the craps tables!?!

“We’re proud to present our new product and all its advantages” concludes Dickson, “…such as, cutting 15-20 minutes per loop installation time…3/16” diamond blades are cheaper, cut faster and have better gas mileage versus 1/4” blades… The new tip easily fits Chemque and Bondo brand sealants, and will even work with Chemque’s newest ‘green’ product packaging.”

The new BD Loops 3/16” Sealant Tip will be on display at the IDA Expo show at booth number 4035. To learn more about this and other BD Loops products, visit or call 714-890-1604.