Interview with Donny Lenhardt of Telco Sensors, Inc.

Telco Sensors: Making “Sense” of Technology at IDA Expo 2010

Interview with Donny Lenhardt of Telco Sensors, Inc.

In trying to keep up with all the tech products that will be featured at this year’s IDA Expo in Las Vegas, I had the chance to speak with Donny Lenhardt, National Sales Manager at Telco Sensors, Inc., and got the lowdown on some new products that have been designed for the door market.

“The SpaceMaster Series single-beam photoeye system is designed to work in some of the harshest environments imaginable,” reveals Lenhardt when asked about the types of products that will be showcased at their IDA Expo booth. “They have up to a 100′ range and incredible penetration power to shoot through dust, dirt, fog and steam…These work exceptionally well outside where they stand up to rain, direct sunlight and frost build up…They’re easy to install and align, and are available in several body styles for installation creativity and flexibility.”

Telco has become one of the most sought-after high performance optical sensor manufacturers in the world. Telco sensors are globally recognized as photo-electric sensors that will work in sites where most others fail.

“The SpaceGuard Series light curtain” he continues, “creates up to 194 criss-crossed beams to provide far better detection than with single or multiple photoeyes”. Offering a better visual example, he explains, “Imagine a forklift driving through a door with the forks raised or a fire truck with the ladder handing off the back. A single photoeye could easily shoot under or over the obstruction and allow the door to close before the opening was clear. With the SpaceGuard light curtain, you can cover an area up to 9′ high and up t0 50′ wide ensuring that people and vehicles can move securely through the door without it closing prematurely.”

Telco Sensors builds the most rugged photoelectric senors available for industrial applications. They have taken the technology developed for the harsh environments of sawmills, car washes and food processing and adapted it to the door industry. The result is a selection of high performance products that stand up to the most challenging applications.

All Telco Sensors are IP67 water and dust tight, and feature a three year warranty. Telco Sensors are available through select OEMs and distributors across the country. For more information, visit their website at and be sure to stop by their IDA 2010 Exhibitors Booth in April located at booth number 7110.