Interview with Gary Macdonald of Trac-Rite Doors, Inc.

Trac-Rite Rolls Out Portable Container Units & More at IDA Expo 2010

Interview with Gary Macdonald of Trac-Rite Doors, Inc.

Trac-Rite Door, a manufacturer of premium quality rolling steel curtain doors, will be featuring their line of custom built Portable Storage Units and NuSpace Partition Systems this April at the IDA Expo in Las Vegas.

The Sun Prairie, Wisconsin based manufacturers, known for acquiring the best raw materials and building products one at a time to customer specifications, is currently boasting about their worry-free portable storage containers. Designed to provide the independent business owner with a low-risk opportunity to expand and diversify their current business – without the burden of franchise royalties or dealership fees. 

Gary Macdonald, National Sales Manager of Trac-Rite Door, Inc. gave us more details on the latest highly durable and efficient products.

“The Trac-Rite Portable Container features a sturdy steel frame to ensure strength and rigidity,” says Macdonald. “Load bearing wall studs, floor and roof joists, and frame rails are made from thick 12-gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel or painted structural steel. Our wall studs feature industry standard sized ‘E-Track’ slots for tie downs, making it easy to secure contents”.

“On the exterior,” he continues, “heavy duty ‘D’ rings provide a solid point to secure the container to the truck for transport. On the stackable models, raised channels on the rooftop allow the stacked containers to rest directly on their frame rails with their wheels suspended.”

With different sizes comes different features, as was explained to us when asking about comparisons between the 5′, 12′ and 16′.

“With the 5′, we built our little container with big thinking”, explains Macdonald. “It offers taller height for easier loading, and more overall cubic storage than many other containers with the same footprint….The smaller-sized container is designed to work with truck mounted forklifts for flexible delivery in tight spaces.”

“To give our larger containers extra strength, a welded steel subframe is incorporated into the design. The subframe supports the wheels, keeps the container square and provides reliable connections for winching and tie downs…. The 12′ model utilizes two frames, while the 16′ model utilizes a full-length welded frame for added support.”

In addition, Trac-Rite will be rolling out the NuSpace Hallway System, considered practical solutions for converting existing buildings into storage space. Featuring versatile, efficient and flexible designs, these freestanding systems are constructed of quality, durable materials the offer worry-free maintenance and low upkeep costs.

“Regardless of the existing building design,” shares Macdonald, “the hallway systems can be customized to to maximize available space….Additionally, the systems’ unit sizes can be tailored to meet your needs and ultimately increase your rental income.”

“We believe in the Trac-Rite products we build for our customers and endorse our products with industry leading warranties,“ concludes Macdonald. “Trac-Rite’s commitment to our customers satisfaction remains resolute in the age of mass production and automation.”

For more information on Trac-Rite products,  stop by their booth at the IDA Expo floor or visit them online at