Interview with Ken Wise of Arrow Tru-Line

Arrow Tru-Line Brings ‘Entertainment’ and ‘Experience’ to IDA Expo

Interview with Ken Wise of Arrow Tru-Line

When in Vegas, you’re more than likely to get more than you bargained for – therefore making it customary for whatever happened in Vegas to stay in Vegas. But after speaking with Ken Wise, Project and Marketing Manager for Arrow Tru-Line, there’s a good chance that door dealers will be leaving the IDA Expo with more than a drunken couple at a drive-thru Elvis chapel.

“We’re celebrating 40 years of partnership with the door industry…At the Arrow Tru-Line (ATL) booth, we’ll be entertaining those who come in with several sensory experiences”, teases Wise.

Entertaining? Experiences? You have my attention Ken! Please tell more!

“For your sense of taste,” he continues, “we will be providing free beverages. For your sense of vision, we will be showing new parts and new technology that should be pretty exciting. And for your sense of fun, we are putting together some entertainment that visitors can enjoy and support a good cause at the same time.”

This year, ATL is supporting a global cause with the Wounded Warrior Project and raising funds for those who have served our country and defended our freedom, and returned home with some sort of handicap.

While Ken remained tight-lipped about the entertainment portion of the booth, his pitch sparked interest in what is to come next from the ATL product line.

“This year, ATL will be showing several new rolling door components including hoist options, barrel castings, and a newly designed anti-drop device”, reveals Wise. “The products being shown have been engineered to perform at or above their standard counterparts in the market today and at very competitive pricing…These parts enhance ATL’s position to support customers as a one-stop-shop for rolling and sectional door components.”

Arrow Tru-Line manufactures roll-formed and stamped products domestically, and imports stamped and cast components. With distribution in NW Ohio, Dallas, Las Vegas and Ontario, ATL offers a wide range of products and capabilities including tracks, struts, hinges, cable drums, spring fittings, rollers, lock components and chain hoists – just to name a few. Most of the products being shown at the IDA Expo will be available to order at the time of the show, and others soon after.

“We are excited to continue to be a proud supporter of the overhead door industry, the IDA Scholarship Fund and the Wounded Warrior Project”, concludes Wise. “We look forward to seeing you at our expo booth. If you cannot attend and wish to support the Wounded Warrior Project, go to and select ‘Join the Arrow Tru-Line Team’…or visit us at”