Interview with Robert Hausch of EMX Industries Inc.

Interview with Robert Hausch of EMX Industries Inc.

EMX Goes “Blue” for IDA Expo 2010

Interview with Robert Hausch of EMX Industries Inc.

Switching gears a bit as we countdown to the IDA Expo in Las Vegas, we spoke with Robert Hausch, Lead Technical Support for EMX Industries, Inc., who gave a us a sneak peak at a few new products on the tech side of the door industry.

“One of the new products is the BlueGuard series of access controls,” reveals Hausch. “It uses the Bluetooth built right into your cellular phone…Now you don’t have to carry a special card or remote ‘clicker’ to control devices, just your cell phone – and we know just about everyone has one of those!”

Ah, I remember the good ol’ days when cellular phones were actually used to make phone calls. Now they’re capable of doing everything but the laundry. So Robert, tell us about some of the benefits this new product offers.

“The BlueGuard VK1 is a low cost stand alone access control device that needs no accessories,” he explains. “It’s different because it only needs your cell phone to provide access. No cards stolen. No remotes to break or lose. And, no stealing your codes because it has the Bluetooth security built in.”

As described in the brochure available for download on the EMX website: “BlueGuard Model BG-VK1 is an easy to program and use virtual keypad control system that uses your Bluetooth enabled cell phone and a user programmable unique PIN code to provide secure keyless control….With the BlueGuard, your cell phone is the key to unlock a safe secure control for operation or access…”

Also available from EMX, is the new KPX 100 entry level keypad, which has many features found in more expensive keypads, such as: stainless steel face with back-lit keys; anodized and powder coated steel outer housing that is vandal and weather resistant to IP66; dual relay outputs; and, over 100 million 4-8 digit codes – just to name a few.

Both products will be featured at this year’s IDA Expo in Las Vegas and are currently available through EMX, distributors and dealers. Information for the VK1 may be obtained and downloaded by going to Info on the KPX 100 will be available soon, but can be obtained by emailing

EMX is one of the world’s leading innovators of specialty senors in the factory and process automation markets, designing robust sensors and accessories for gates, overhead door and parking garage barrier operators.

“We are continuing to provide our distributors and dealers with high quality, rich, innovative products that keep them competitive and on the leading edge of technology,” states Hausch. “The whole EMX team is focused on providing our customers with the best product, support and value by developing better solutions to solve your access control problems…EMX Industries lives by its letters = Engineered to Manage your X-factor!”

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