New Fire Doors From Janus Intl at IDA Expo 2010


Janus International, a leading supplier of rolling steel service doors, fire doors and grilles, is gearing up to unveil a new line of products just in time for the IDA Expo this April in Las Vegas.

Some of the featured products will include a new Pantheon in-tube motor for sheet roll-up and medium duty rolling steel doors, as well as a new counter shutter product for the rolling steel door line, and a new foamed in place urethane insulated rolling steel service door. But the one that has everyone buzzing and ready to heat up the expo floor is new “Sure-Set” line of rolling steel fire doors.

As described in a recent promotional brochure, *Janus Sure-Set Fire Doors are manufactured to the stringent qualities of full duty service doors, yet easily meet the most current fire protection standards.

Operational choices include three fail-safe motor operated systems and a standard chain hoist system. Janus Sure-Set fire door systems may be easily and repeatedly drop tested and reset from the floor with no tool or equipment requirements. The service durability, simplicity of ownership and proven fire protection make Sure-Set fire doors a logical choice for informed design professionals.

Janus Sure-Set fire doors feature UL and ULC labels for standard and over sized openings and may also be S Labeled for air and smoke infiltration. These fire protection systems are demonstrated and tested for full compliance and UL and NFPA-80 standards both in the Janus manufacturing plant and at test facilities for reliable activation, drop speed, repeatability and endurance. The doors are manufactured under a follow-up inspection agreement with Underwriters Laboratories that verifies production process and materials specifications. The strict nature of testing, manufacturing and inspections makes the resulting labels valuable proof that only the best designs will meet with today’s fire protection demands.

Janus International burn tests all fire protection products for up to four hours at the Underwriters Laboratories facilities in Northbrook, Illinois. The test doors are exposed to sustained temperatures of up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, and are then removed, red hot, from the oven and subjected to a tortuous fire hose test lasting several minutes. During the entire process, the door must completely protect the opening and not fail at the floor, header, jambs or opening.

Known as a company dedicated to providing quality products, outstanding customer service and innovative installer friendly features, the Janus booth at the IDA Expo will provide demos to learn more about the products lengthy list of features and options. The booth will also provide product quotes and a special show discount for distributors who are interested in carrying the line. If you can’t make it to the expo in Vegas, be sure to visit them online at

*Information provided by the Janus International Sure-Set Fire Doors brochure of the Rolling Steel Door Division at