Obey Traffic Laws & ‘Stop’ By Eberle Design Booth at IDA Expo


5 Questions with Carl Zabel of Eberle Design Inc.

Although our pre-coverage of the 2010 IDA Expo in Las Vegas primarily focuses on the overhead door industry, the event itself proves to be much like the robots-in-disguise Transformers – “more than meets the eye”.

To the common eye, a door is simply a structure that opens, closes, permits and prevents entry. Yet what goes under-appreciated is the engineering that makes them durable and safe. But the unsung heroes of the door industry are not the structural manufacturers. It’s the ‘other’ guys whose products – such as seals, sensors, operators, detectors, etc. – have made technological advancements in improving the performance of operation and the safety of both vehicles and pedestrians.

We had an opportunity to catch up with Carl Zabel, Director of Marketing and Business Relations for Eberle Design, Inc., and ask a few questions regarding what his company would be showcasing at the 2010 IDA Expo.

Precision Door (PD): EDI is one of the many exhibitors hosting a booth at the IDA Expo. Can you give a us a little introduction to who your company is?

Carl Zabel (CZ): Eberle Design, Inc. (EDI) – celebrating 30 years of excellence – provides access professionals with reliable, high quality mission critical vehicle detection products that will improve the performance and lifecycle of your access control systems. EDI manufactures a wide range of vehicle detection products that help access control technicians save valuable time and maximize profits by quickly installing, accurately trouble shooting, and reliably maintaining access control systems with easy to use hi-tech vehicle detectors. The LMA DEFLECTOMETER™ series provide built-in set-up tools, a frequency meter, a signal “CALL” strength meter, and non-volatile memory to maintain diagnostic history – all of which are invaluable and always available.

PD: What new products will you be featuring at your IDA Expo booth?

CZ: We will featuring all of our DEFLECTOMETER™ Series Inductive Loop Vehicle Detection Devices. We’ll be highlighting the soon-to-be released LMA-1500, featuring a new pull tab for easy removal from Elite OMNI gate operators. Due to the tight detector enclosure on the OMNI operators, the preceding LMA-1500 was difficult to grab and remove from the operator. Additionally, enhanced “Loop Fault” indicators will aid technicians pinpoint and/or diagnose loop problems much quicker.

PD: What are some of the benefits of this new product and how does it differ with others?

CZ: The DEFLECTOMETER™ series of detection products differ from all other detection devices. We provide built-in set-up tools, a frequency meter and a signal “CALL” strength meter that provide the technician/user with complete confidence that he will be able to set-up the detector to detect ALL VEHICLE TYPES, including small motor scooters and high bed vehicles without guessing. Additionally, knowing the frequency of your loop allows technicians/users to confidently set the proper frequency, eliminating any type of cross-talk or interference with other loops located in close proximity.

PD: When will this product be available and how can we learn more about it?

CZ: The NEW LMA-1500 featuring the front panel pull tab will be shipping in May or June 2010.

PD: Is there any additional information you’d like for customers to know prior to the visiting you on the expo floor?

CZ: We offer an exclusive EDI Loop Calc program that automatically calculates the number of turns of wire required for a saw cut loop, the loop and lead-in inductance, the efficiency of the loop network, and the detection height of the loop. Just insert the loop dimensions and it will calculate all the formulas for you! This is located at http://www.editraffic.com/a_loopcalc.html

For more information, visit the Eberle Design, Inc. (EDI) booth on IDA tradeshow floor or online at www.editraffic.com