Precision Door Service of Albuquerque Welcomes Two New Owners

Precision Door Service of Albuquerque Welcomes Two New Owners

Precision Door Service of Albuquerque is pleased to announce the company’s new owners, Gary Lang and Kwok Kee Ma. Bringing their experience and high standard of excellence to the business, Gary and Kwok Kee are excited to be at the helm of Precision Door Service of Albuquerque. They will continue to bring Precision’s outstanding service and premium products to the consumers in Albuquerque.

Precision Door Service of Albuquerque is a full service garage door company specializing in garage door repair, new garage door installation, and repair of garage door openers. This location proudly serves customers in the following counties:  Bernalillo, Sandoval, Santa Fe, Torrance, and Valencia.

About the new owners

                        Gary Lang has sold a million dollars in frozen pizza, competed nationally as a professional driver, run several small businesses, Precisioned a lot of garage doors, and travelled across the United States, living, learning and working. He has appeared in national ads for major manufacturers and is a proud Dad. Gary brings passion and dedication to top level service and repairs. As in his life, Gary has strived to achieve the best at what he does, every day.

“Precision represents the best in home garage service and repair, I will continue to do the same.” -Gary Lang

                        Kwok Kee “KK” Ma has over 30 years of experience in microelectronic technology development and program management.  KK served four years on the Board of Directions of a semiconductor company where he was involved in business development, corporate strategy and capital raise.  He currently is a consultant for a National Laboratory on microelectronic technology development and strategy.  KK is active in real estate investment and manages his own real estate rental business.  Recently KK decided to venture into service business and found Precision Door Service, one of the best run franchise companies.

“With my partner Gary Lang, who excels in garage door repair and installation business, I am expecting a long and enjoyable business endeavor.” –KK Ma

Make the right decision. Call Precision.

Phone:  (505) 822-0597 

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About Precision Door Service

With 89 locations servicing more than 1000 doors per day, Precision Door Service is the nation’s leading garage door repair company. Precision Door Service provides consumers the highest levels of customer service and value for all garage door needs. When a customer calls Precision Door Service, the call will be answered by a live operator and an appointment will be scheduled at a time that is convenient for the customer.

At Precision Door Service, we appreciate your business and are willing to work hard to keep it. “We Fix Garage Doors Right.”

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