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Naples, NY

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Precision Door did a nice job of fixing my problem, The door works better than when it was installed 17 years ago. Two issues I have was the price and the quote. I was quoted $170 and accepted as I needed the door repaired. After I received my receipt (next day) I learned that the quote did not include tax. Generally when someone is quoting a job such as car repairs, it includes parts labor and taxes and provides an itemized document.. The total time for repairs was less than 30 minutes. And included a small cable and two bolts. I guess I would have to think twice before calling Precison again. .

Michael Boggs


Michael - Thank you for your previous message.We have reviewed your job with our Technician Dave Ackley who performed the work at your home.He did confirm that he did verbally give you a round number quote for your repair cost, and that he then also did show you on his tablet all of your repair options, parts, and prices.He did also confirm that he pointed out each repair option with the subtotal and New York State sales tax.Our invoice is itemized, as you can see below. As well as the original copy you did receive on Saturday the 22nd.You then accepted the work order agreement to be completed, and did sign our work order in agreement to have Dave complete the work.Since you have sent your complaint and feel there was a discrepancy we have refunded the total amount of $183.60 to your Visa card.We do apologize for any confusion or discrepancy on our part.

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