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10 Foot Garage Doors



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Garage doors that measure 10 feet are typically customized to fit homeowners’ needs and preferences. When it comes to a customized door, the measurement of 10 feet can refer to height, width, or both.

Whether you’re looking for extra clearance for a vehicle or added storage space, a 10-foot garage door will provide you with the convenience that you need.

Special Considerations for 10 Foot Garage Doors

Since a 10-foot garage door is larger than the common 8' x 7' door is, you will need to consider car size, available space, and hardware compatibility. Let’s review each.

Car Size

A regular four-door sedan can fit comfortably through a 10-foot garage door with room to spare while a Class A RV cannot fit at all. Reference the chart below to see what accommodations your vehicle may need to fit through a garage door that is 10 feet wide and 10 feet high.

Car Type Will it fit?
Standard-sized SUVs
Large SUVs
Mid-sized pickup trucks
Large pickup trucks
Class B RVs
Class C RVs
Class A RVs X
Fifth wheel RV trailers X

Available Space

If you are considering a 10-foot wide garage door, you’ll need to factor in the size of your actual garage and what you want to use it for. Those who own a sedan or a compact car can comfortably store miscellaneous items and their vehicle. Those with bigger vehicles may find that they cannot fit much else besides the vehicle.

To ensure you are taking advantage of the extra clearance space that a 10-foot garage door can offer, store as little as possible against your garage’s side walls.

Hardware Compatibility

When purchasing your garage door, consult a professional to verify that your current hardware is compatible with your new door’s size and weight. Your tracks, springs, and rollers should all be specifically designed to accommodate your door’s size and weight, and so there’s a good chance you’ll need new hardware.

Customization Options for 10 Foot Garage Doors

Make a unique garage door that suits your home’s exterior with the many customization options available for 10-foot garage doors. They can be personalized with the following touches:

Need to see some of these designs and style accents in action? Create your own garage door with our free garage door designer tool, or take a look at a few finished options in our garage door gallery.

FAQs about 10 Foot Garage Doors

How much does a 10-foot garage door weigh?

The weight of a garage door depends largely on the type of material it’s made from and the door’s exact measurements. In general, steel and wood garage doors tend to be on the heavier side, while aluminum and vinyl doors are known for being the lightest of the four most popular materials. Consult with a garage door professional to ensure that your current garage door system can accommodate the weight of your new door.

Can I install a 10 foot garage door myself?

No. It is not safe to attempt a garage door installation on your own. Proper installation requires specialized tools and knowledge. A garage door system has a number of moving parts that can cause bodily harm or property damage with one wrong move. Contact a garage door professional for any installation, repair, or replacement services.

What materials are 10 foot garage doors usually made from?

The most popular garage door material is steel. Other popular materials include aluminum, vinyl, and wood. Customized garage doors can be made of sturdy, low-maintenance materials such as steel while having the look of other substances such as wood or copper.

How much does a 10 foot garage door cost?

The cost of a new 10 foot garage door depends on its exact measurements, material, and design. For instance, two 10 x 10 garage doors made from different materials would likely differ in price. For the most accurate estimate, contact your local Precision Garage Door Service® professional.