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Are Your Hurricane Garage Doors Up to Code?



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Does your garage door meet the building codes for your county?

If you're like most people in hurricane regions, you may not be sure. That's why the professionals at Precision Garage Door Service® have set up a free hurricane garage door inspection.

Let our pros inspect your garage door to make sure it’s up to code, at no extra cost to you.

Why Do I Need a Hurricane Garage Door Inspection?

In the event of a hurricane, you need garage doors that are made to handle intense winds . In fact, according to the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, 90% of the damage caused by hurricanes starts with wind entering through the garage door.

In many areas, new building codes for hurricane garage doors have been put into place to protect residents from the devastating effects of hurricanes. Our free garage door hurricane inspection program supports homeowners like you to understand and meet your local requirements.

The Benefits of Having Hurricane Garage Doors

Besides the obvious benefit of withstanding strong hurricane winds, hurricane garage doors benefit those living in hurricane-prone areas for many reasons including:

  • Peace of mind: Your garage door is the largest entryway to your home. When your home is equipped with the proper garage doors, you can rest easy knowing that you have extra protection should a hurricane strike.
  • Increased structural integrity: Constructed with heavy-duty hardware and one or more layers of steel, hurricane garage doors are sturdy enough to help secure the structure of your home. In the event of a hurricane, they can even help prevent your roof from detaching or collapsing.
  • Enhanced protection: Your garage houses your vehicles and other valuables. Keep your property and your family safer by making sure that you have the right garage door type in place.

Take Advantage of Our Free Hurricane Garage Door Inspection

To ensure that your garage door is compliant with the building code in your area, you can request that an inspector visit your home to inspect your garage door. If your garage door is not up to code, our inspector will tell you the wind load and small missile impact resistance that you need to meet the building code for your area.

This program is set up as public service. Taking advantage of this program is 100% free and 100% with no obligations.

Find your nearest Precision location to schedule a time for your free inspection.

Contact Us to Set Up Your Hurricane Garage Door Inspection

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain with our complimentary service. If your home needs an upgrade to hurricane garage doors, we would like the opportunity to give you a free estimate — although this step isn’t necessary. To schedule your inspection, contact us at (877) 301-7474.

This program was designed as a public service by Precision Garage Door Service® and its franchises. We hope you take advantage of this offer.

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