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16' x 7' Garage Door



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A common choice for residential double-car garages, a 16 x 7 garage door refers to a door that has measurements of 16 feet wide and 7 feet high. This garage door size is ideal for providing storage space for an extra vehicle or one large vehicle. In this article, you’ll learn about available materials and design customization options for your 16 x 7 garage door, along with efficient options for insulation.

Materials for 16 x 7 Garage Doors

Your garage door can be made from a range of materials. Three of the most popular door materials for 16 x 7 garage doors include steel, aluminum, and wood. Each material has its own distinct advantages. We recommend reviewing each carefully while taking into account your location, style preferences, and preferences for maintenance.


Steel garage doors are the most common on the market. Most residential garages are made from this material because it’s durable and offers homeowners design versatility. Although it is not naturally rust-proof or rust-resistant, steel takes well to paint and finishes that help prevent it from rusting. These doors are low-maintenance, requiring only occasional washing, lubricating, and yearly garage door tuneups.


Aluminum garage doors — also called “full-view” — contain glass panels with aluminum framing. They are useful for creating a visually appealing home exterior, especially with the wide width that transparent 16 x 7 garage door panels can provide.

Homeowners who live in humid or rainy environments gravitate toward this door type for its natural rust-resistant properties. Aluminum doors require a moderate amount of maintenance that includes regular washing, checking for chips or cracks in the glass, and yearly tuneups.


Wood garage doors are elegant accents that can easily raise the value of a home. If you live in an environment prone to excess moisture, however, wood doors may not be an ideal choice for you as they are prone to rot. They also require a large amount of maintenance including regular staining or painting, cleaning, and yearly tuneups.

Design Considerations for 16 x 7 Garage Doors

A 16 x 7 garage door can be customized with many accents and designs to choose from. Below are a few that work well for this door size:

Need to see what these styles might look like on your home? Try our free garage door design tool, which lets you customize your garage door’s size, type, handles, hinges, windows, panels, and color.

Insulation Options for 16 x 7 Garage Doors

Garage door insulation comes in one-layer, two-layer, and three-layer varieties.

  • One-layer doors: are for those who do not live in extreme temperatures. They offer the least amount of protection and will likely not lower your energy bill. The wide expanse of a 16 x 7 garage door means that outdoor temperatures have more of an opportunity to enter your home. If this is a concern of yours, we recommend choosing a higher level of insulation.
  • Two-layer doors: offer moderate relief to those who are perhaps looking to filter outdoor noise. This amount of insulation can also help maintain the temperature in your garage to lower energy bills.
  • Three-layer doors: offer the ultimate protection and are for those who want to drown out noise and outdoor temperatures. This amount of insulation typically comes at a higher price point, but for those looking to reap its benefits, a three-layer door can be well worth the investment.

FAQs about 16 x 7 Garage Doors

Can I install my 16 x 7 garage door myself?

No, do not attempt to install a garage door on your own as there are too many safety risks involved. You also need specialized tools and knowledge. Contact a professional for your garage door installation.

How much do 16 x 7 garage doors cost?

The cost of a 16 x 7 garage door depends on a number of factors including:

  • The type of material used
  • Any use of special panel designs or decorative accents
  • The type of insulated used

To get an estimate of how much your new 16 x 7 garage door would cost, feel free to contact the service professionals at Precision Garage Door Service® for more information or find the location nearest you.