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Automatic Garage Door Lock and How It Works



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If increasing your garage door’s security sounds ideal to you, install an automatic garage door lock. This locking mechanism serves as an extra measure of security by engaging a separate locking system when your door closes. When paired with your normal garage door locking system, automatic locks make it much more difficult for intruders to enter your home through your garage.

How Automatic Garage Door Locks Work

Whereas manual locks need to be engaged and disengaged by the homeowner, automatic garage door locks are typically controlled using your garage door opener’s motor.

Automatic garage door locks work similar to deadbolt locks in that they engage by extending a bolt or bar into a receiver. As the name suggests, they automatically lock when you close your garage door. This provides an additional layer of safety for your garage and your home’s occupants.

These locks also have the flexibility to be controlled by a remote control or keypad so that you can operate your lock with the press of a few buttons.

Most importantly, in the instance of a power outage, many automatic garage door locks have a manual override feature that allows you to manually open the lock without the use of your opener’s motor.

The Benefits of Automatic Garage Door Locks

The advantages to having an automatic garage door lock include:

  • Added safety for your loved ones and valuables
  • Home security integration for alerts when your lock has been engaged or disengaged
  • Visual or audible indications that show whether the lock is engaged or disengaged
  • A convenient locking mechanism that doesn’t require you to remember to manually lock any additional locks on your door
  • Remote control access to manage your lock from a distance

Whether you need an added layer of security to protect your property or your loved ones, an automatic garage door lock adds convenience and helps alleviate safety concerns.

FAQs about Automatic Garage Door Locks

Is my garage secure with just my garage door opener?

While your garage may be safe with just your garage door opener’s closing and locking mechanism, an automatic garage door lock helps ensure that intruders cannot easily break into your garage. It is an added measure that offers an extra layer of reassurance beyond what garage door openers provide.

Can I install an automatic garage door lock on my existing garage door?

Yes, in most cases, your new automatic garage door lock can be installed on your current garage door. We recommend using a professional for the installation process to make sure that your lock will work properly. Contact one of our Precision pros today for more info on our installation process.

How do I know whether my automatic garage door lock is compatible with my garage door opener?

If you own a standard, modern garage door opener, your new automatic lock should be compatible with it. However, we recommend checking your manufacturer’s manual or asking a garage door professional to be certain.

Trust Precision to Install Your Automatic Garage Door Lock

The installation of your automatic garage door lock is an important safety measure to help keep your family and your property more secure. Proper installation is key to ensuring that it works consistently. That’s why we recommend leaving your installation to the professionals.

To get started, call the experts at Precision Garage Door Service® or find the Precision pro nearest you.