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If you're searching for a new, sleek, modern look for your garage exterior, you may want to consider black garage doors. Although once thought of as unconventional, black garage doors are gaining popularity with many homeowners for the unique, contrasting look they provide.

Whether you're looking to enhance your home's curb appeal or help your garage stay warmer during cold weather, black garage doors are a versatile option that can change the look and feel of your home's exterior.

Black Garage Door Materials

If you're considering having your garage door painted, some garage door materials are better suited for painting than others. Garage doors are usually made from steel, wood, faux wood, aluminum, glass, or vinyl. Of those, black paint is generally not recommended for vinyl doors, as the material makes it easier for dark colors to fade. Other material types — especially steel, wood, faux wood, and aluminum — are generally OK to paint black.

Not sure which material to choose? Here are some factors to take into account for each:

  • Steel Garage Doors: A popular choice, black steel doors don't require much maintenance and can withstand harsh outdoor elements.
  • Wood Garage Doors: Although they require quite a bit of upkeep, black wood doors create a unique mix of traditional and trendy.
  • Faux Wood Garage Doors: Want the look of black wood doors but not the maintenance? Consider faux wood. They mimic the look of wood but require far less maintenance over time.
  • Aluminum Garage Doors: This is a great choice for those looking for a modern aesthetic. An added benefit is that aluminum doors require minimal upkeep.
  • Glass Garage Doors: Elegant and sleek, black glass garage doors require regular maintenance to keep the glass clean and intact. If having a glass garage door doesn't sound appealing, black garage doors with clear windows are another option to consider.

Black Garage Door Finishes

The finish that you choose for your door has a tremendous impact on its look, feel, and longevity. Below are some popular garage door finishes to consider:

  • Black Gloss: If you want your garage door to make a bold statement, a black gloss finish will do it. Black garage doors with a gloss finish are high in shine and curb appeal. However, be prepared to do routine maintenance to keep these doors looking pristine, as this finish type can show more debris, scuffs, and fingerprints than others.
  • Black Satin: If you're willing to sacrifice a little shine, try satin. Satin doors require less maintenance than gloss ones since they don't show dirt as easily. Unfortunately, they also don't make as bold a statement as gloss doors.
  • Black Matte: To achieve an elegant look without the shiny appearance and upkeep, go for matte. While the dull finish of matte doors is the opposite of gloss doors, they still provide a striking contrast for your home's exterior. They also don't require as much maintenance as satin or gloss since fingerprints and dirt are less visible.
  • Powder-coated: This finish is versatile because it can be combined with matte, gloss, or satin to increase the longevity of your finish. It works by forming a hard, invisible layer on top of your existing finish. A powder-coated finish is an ideal supplemental option for those worried about scratches or chips on their garage door's paint.

The Pros and Cons of Black Garage Doors

Black garage doors may be ideal for some, but they may not be the best choice for everyone. Here are some pros and cons of having black garage doors. We recommend using these pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

Pros Cons
Absorbs heat from the sun, which helps keep occupants warm in cold weather. Can make a home located in an already warm climate feel too hot.
Can be applied to a number of materials, including steel and aluminum. The darker paint generally does not hold up well on vinyl doors.
Adds modern elegance to a home's exterior, potentially enhancing curb appeal. Can look out of place on homes with a more traditional exterior.
Numerous opportunities for customization. May require more maintenance depending on door finish and material.
May not show dirt and scuffs as easily as lighter colors. May cost more than other colors depending on door material and finish.
Can make your garage appear darker and/or smaller.

FAQs about Black Garage Doors

Why do black garage doors make your garage hotter?

The black paint on your garage door absorbs sunlight, which generates more heat. That's why having a black garage door for homeowners who live in a warm and sunny area will likely have a warmer garage. If you live in a colder, less sunny climate, your black garage door will still retain heat from sunlight, though it may be mitigated by lower temperatures.

Can I paint my garage door black by myself?

Painting a garage door any color requires meticulous care — painting one black requires even more patience and maintenance. Here's why:

  • You'll need to ensure that you're using the correct paint and finishes for the job.
  • Even if you choose the correct paint and finish for the job, if your black garage doors are not painted properly, they could detract from the look of your home instead of adding to it.

Instead, consider upgrading your door to a new one with the exact color, coat, and finish you want. Contact our team of trained experts to review your options. We'll help you choose and install the perfect black garage door for your home.

Do black garage doors fade?

When and how quickly your black garage door begins to fade depends on things like the material it's made of, how often and long it's exposed to direct sunlight, and how often and well it is maintained. For example, a black wood garage door would likely fade more quickly than a black steel garage door because wood absorbs moisture and is more susceptible to damage from rain, wind, and other elements. Also, a black garage door exposed to more sunlight will likely show signs of wear faster.

However, regular maintenance, along with a powder coating, will help extend the life of your garage door finish, no matter what color it is.

Are black garage doors more expensive?

Black garage doors are often complemented by a finish such as gloss or satin, which may cost a little extra. In addition, the type of door material that you choose plays a big part in determining the cost. For example, wood doors are generally more expensive than steel doors. In addition, black wood doors typically require extra maintenance to keep the color from fading and the wood from warping.

Ultimately, the cost will depend on the combination of material and finish that you use.

Let Precision Install Your Black Garage Doors

Installing a new black garage door can really enhance the look and feel of your home's exterior. Whether you need help deciding on the right material, finish, or color, our team of experienced pros can help you make the right choice for your home. Once you decide on the material, color, and finish, we'll install it for you and set you up with a maintenance plan that will keep it looking great for years to come. For fast and efficient assistance, call Precision Garage Door Service at (877) 301-7474 or find the Precision Garage Door Service technician nearest you.

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