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Clear Garage Doors



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Garage doors serve many useful purposes, including keeping critters and dust at bay. However, they don’t need to be strictly utilitarian. Clear garage doors offer homeowners a sleek and unconventional means of protection.

To produce this transparent garage door, a clear material — typically glass, acrylic, or fiberglass — is coupled with aluminum framing. The result is a modern take on the traditional opaque garage door.

In this article, you’ll learn more about material options for your clear garage doors, as well as the benefits of choosing this door type.

Clear Garage Doors Made of Glass

For a high-end look, consider using tempered or laminated glass for your garage door. Glass panels have an upscale appearance that increases curb appeal. They’re also the option that lets in the most natural light.

If your primary desire is to increase your home’s value, glass is an ideal material.

  • Pros: Exudes elegance, lets in natural light, doesn’t scratch easily, offers maximum transparency
  • Cons: Can be expensive, needs weatherproofing for extreme weather conditions, needs frequent cleaning

Clear Garage Doors Made of Fiberglass

If you want the look of glass without the frequent cleanings, fiberglass may be worth considering. Although fiberglass still needs to be wiped down, it doesn’t show quite as much dirt as glass does. It also offers a higher level of insulation than glass does to help with energy use.

If functionality is more important to you than price, aesthetics, or customization are, we recommend looking into fiberglass.

  • Pros: Doesn’t show dirt easily, has good insulation properties, costs less than glass does, does not require weatherproofing
  • Cons: Is not as clear as glass is, offers fewer opportunities for design customization

Clear Garage Doors Made of Acrylic

A lightweight option, acrylic is the least expensive of the three transparent materials available. Its durability makes it an optimal choice for homeowners with concerns about breakage.

If you’re willing to concede a little on insulation and aesthetics, acrylic may be ideal for your new clear garage door.

  • Pros: Lightweight, affordable, durable
  • Cons: Limited insulation, prone to scratches, can yellow or discolor over time

Benefits of Clear Garage Doors

Although each door material has its advantages, one thing is certain: Clear garage doors, in general, have numerous benefits that are often not found with traditional, opaque doors.

Below are some reasons why a transparent garage door may work well for your home:

  • More natural light: While conventional garage doors don't let in natural light unless they're open, that isn't the case with clear garage doors. Keep the outdoor debris out while letting the sunlight in.
  • Enhanced curb appeal: A sleek clear garage door can add polish to the exterior of your home, potentially raising its value.
  • Display capability: Do you have a car collection or well-organized garage space that you'd like to showcase? Clear doors are a way to put your prized possessions on display.
  • Improved security: Need to keep an eye on children or pets playing outside of your home? Transparent panels allow you to easily see outdoors.

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