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Is It Dangerous To Fix Your Garage Door Spring? Should You Call A Pro?

Yes, fixing your garage door spring is very dangerous. If you are not a trained garage door repairman, call a pro. If you do it yourself, you risk damaging your garage door. Worse, you can hurt yourself and even die if you make a serious mistake.

5 Common DIY Garage Door Spring Mistakes: A Recipe for Disaster

You may want to think twice before replacing your garage door spring yourself. Here are 5 costly garage door mistakes you do not want to make.

1. Winding a torsion spring with a screw driver

Do Not Use A Screw Driver

Some people try to wind a garage door torsion spring themselves. Unfortunately, they rarely own the required tool, a winding bar. Often enough, they end up using a screw driver. This is a serious mistake. If you use a screw driver, the torsion spring can spin out of control and take your fingers off.

2. Winding the torsion spring too tightly or loosely

To know how many times to wind a garage door spring, you need to use an exact formula. Trained garage door technicians learn to master this calculation. Most people do not. Instead, they end up either overwinding or underwinding the torsion spring. Big mistake! Doing so will eventually ruin your garage door opener. In addition, if you screw too tightly, you can even crush a hollow torsion tube.

3. Purchasing the wrong garage door spring

You need to determine the right garage door spring mathematically. Unfortunately, many people only have a hazy idea of which garage door spring they need. They install it correctly, but then their garage door goes up and down incorrectly. All that risky work for naught? Worse, if they shrug their shoulders and use this door, they will destroy their garage door opener.

4. Working on an open garage door without vice grips

You may wish to work on your garage door extension spring with your garage door up. If you do so, you need to clamp vice grips on the door. Otherwise, it will fall, breaking all of your windows. If you are underneath it, it will come down on you like a guillotine. People have gotten broken bones, lost limbs, or even died as a result.

5. Taking off the bottom bracket

Many DIYers close their garage door before working on it. They do this so that it won't fall down on them. However, most of them do not understand how garage door springs work. When your garage door is open, the springs are relaxed. When you close it, they twist or extend to hold your door shut. They remain under tension as long as your garage door remains closed. This is precisely when they are the most deadly.

Garage Door Bottom Bracket

When the door is down, danger looms. Unfortunately, many people are tempted to remove the garage door's bottom bracket. They remove the first bolt, the second bolt, and right when they get to the last bolt...the bracket and cable smack them in the face. This is no joking matter. Many a garage door repairman has come across a pool of blood near the bottom bracket. Victims are often rushed to the hospital and may be left permanently disfigured.

Should I Contact a Garage Door Spring Repair Company?

Before you perform a garage door spring repair, consider the risks. If you have experience replacing garage door springs, you may be fine. However, if something does go wrong, you may end up multiplying the needed repairs and even putting your life at risk. Is it worth it?

Better safe than sorry. Contact a garage door repair company and have peace of mind. At Precision Door Service, we offer 24/7 same day spring repair. We always carry all sizes of extension and torsion springs on our trucks so that we can get the repair done in the same trip. Play it safe. Contact your local Precision Door Service to find out more.