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Guide to Sliding Garage Doors

If you’re searching for a unique garage door that’s easy to operate, you’ve come to the right place. Practical and stylish, sliding garage doors move along a horizontal track — similar to traditional barn doors.

In this guide, we’ll cover the basics of what you need to know about these increasingly popular garage doors. Including the following:

Installation Services for Sliding Garage Doors

Whether you’re installing a sliding garage door for the first time or simply replacing an older one, it’s essential to use a reputable garage door company. Doing so will dramatically reduce the risk of repair malfunctions, keeping your property and loved ones safer.

Your garage door professional will take the following steps to ensure a safe and successful sliding garage door installation:

  • Ensure there’s enough clearance on both sides of your door to ensure they slide open fully.
  • Install your garage door track so it’s level for proper operation.
  • Align your rollers and hangers so they glide smoothly along the track.
  • Make sure your garage door panels are stable and slide within the floor channel.
  • Equip your garage door with optional automation features for even easier operation.
  • Apply weatherstripping to the bottom and sides of your sliding garage door to prevent drafts and critters from entering your garage space.

Repair Services for Sliding Garage Doors

A successful garage door repair is the difference between paying a one-time repair cost or facing a recurring and costly issue. Choosing a trustworthy garage door repair service makes all the difference.

Below are some common causes for sliding garage door repairs:

  • Jammed door panel(s)
  • Rickety movement when opening or closing your garage door
  • Damaged door panel(s)
  • Poor insulation
  • Broken lock(s)
  • Excessive noise
  • Cracked garage door window glass

Common Material Used for Sliding Garage Doors

Wood is the most common door material used for sliding garage doors, as it allows homeowners to create a rustic look and feel. However, those who prefer a more modern aesthetic — or a material other than wood — can opt for steel or aluminum.

Pros and Cons of Sliding Garage Doors

Are you wondering if sliding garage doors are the right choice for your home? Review the pros and cons below to help you make an informed choice.

Pros Cons
Maximizes garage ceiling space. More susceptible to jamming than traditional garage doors.
Available in customizable options. Offers less insulation than traditional garage doors.
Can increase curb appeal. Can be more expensive than traditional garage doors.
Can increase home’s value.
Door panels are easier to operate due to their lighter weight.

FAQ About Sliding Garage Doors

Are sliding garage doors secure?

Like their overhead counterparts, sliding garage doors are secure when equipped with the proper locks. The type of garage door lock you need depends on the level of security that you desire and whether your sliding garage door is automated or manual.

Do sliding garage doors require a lot of maintenance?

Sliding garage doors usually require less maintenance than traditional garage doors. However, they still have specific maintenance needs, including alignment checks and periodic wear-and-tear inspections.

How do you automate a sliding garage door?

Although sliding garage doors are usually manual, a garage door professional can equip your door with a garage door opener to automate it. The installation process for your garage door opener depends on the model and brand of sliding garage door you choose.

However, regardless of the brand or model of your opener, your garage door professional will ensure the following:

  • Your opener is made specifically for a sliding garage door
  • All manufacturer directions are followed carefully to encourage smooth garage door system operation
  • Your garage door and its parts are properly aligned

Expert Garage Door Repair and Installation Service

A sliding garage door is a great way to add a unique and distinctive look to the exterior of your home. Whether you need professional installation for a new door or repairs for an existing sliding door, trust the experienced local pros from Precision Garage Door Service™. We have the expertise and right tools to get the job done safely and efficiently, which is why thousands of homeowners and businesses trust us with their garage door installation and service.

For more information, find the Precision Garage Door Service professional nearest you.