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White Garage Doors



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Although white garage doors aren’t a new trend, they’re among the most popular and long-standing choices for homeowners. White garage doors can add design versatility and a clean, crisp appearance to your home’s exterior.

While it’s true that white garage doors can be a blank canvas for your own creative touches, they aren’t all the same. In the guide below, the professionals at Precision Garage Door Service® provide you with numerous customization options and benefits to ensure that your garage door matches your preferences.

White Garage Door Materials

The type of material that you use for your white garage door makes a difference in the way it looks and the amount of maintenance it requires.

Whether you prefer steel doors for their durability or the sleek look of aluminum (or full-view) doors, our service professionals can help you choose the right garage door material for your home. Take a look at some important factors to consider for each:

One surefire sign that you have a broken garage door sensor is when your door only closes partially before opening again, even when there are no obstructions obstructing the beam. In some cases, your garage door may not close at all.

Other Garage Door Sensor Types

In general, all types of garage door sensors provide the same safety measure: they signal the garage door to open if something is in the path of the closing door.

Many garage doors use pressure sensors instead of safety sensors. Pressure sensors can detect an object or person in the path of the garage door based on a miniscule amount of resistance. This type of sensor is designed to prevent your door from pressing down on any objects.

Carbon dioxide sensors,although not as common, are another type of garage door sensor. They are designed to automatically open the garage door when the carbon dioxide levels in your garage get too high.

  • Steel garage doors: Steel is a popular and affordable choice for garage doors in general for its resistance to denting and insulation factor. It is not naturally rust-resistant, however, so if you live where there’s lots of humidity, rain, or snow, your steel garage door will require extra maintenance to prevent rusting.
  • Aluminum (full-view) doors: Unlike steel, aluminum is rust-resistant. Aluminum garage doors are made of glass (or in some cases a material that mimics the look of glass) within an aluminum frame, which can add a modern feel to your home’s exterior. Since full-view doors are mostly glass, they do not provide the same level of insulation or security as steel.
  • Wood doors: A classic and elegant choice, wood garage doors can increase your home’s value considering their high cost. They require more maintenance than both aluminum and steel to prevent rotting and warping.

White Garage Door Finishes

Your garage door’s finish can make a significant impact on its overall appearance and durability. Some popular finish options include:

  • Pre-painted: Steel and aluminum garage doors often come pre-painted in white. This finish is durable and easy to maintain.
  • Powder-coated: In this process, a thermally treated, powdered finish is applied to the garage door. Powder-coated finishes protect your garage door from scratching, chipping, and fading.
  • Stained: Staining is a process commonly used for wood garage doors. It allows you to highlight unique woodgrain patterns in your door while also shielding it from harmful outdoor elements.

Location Considerations for White Garage Doors

Depending on where you live, white garage doors may or may not be an ideal choice for you. Below are some location-related factors to consider.

If you live where there’s lots of sun, keep in mind that white reflects sunlight. This means that your white garage door has a better chance of keeping your garage cool.

If it’s colder with less sun where you live, your garage may have a harder time retaining warmth. Unlike black garage doors, which absorb sunlight and help keep garages warm, white garage doors reflect sunlight to keep your space cooler.

Windy areas may kick up lots of dirt and debris. If you live in this type of environment, we recommend adding a finish to your white garage doors to prevent staining or corrosion.

Areas with high amounts of moisture in the air may be best suited for aluminum doors, which are rust-resistant by nature.

The Pros and Cons of White Garage Doors

For some, the decision to purchase white garage doors is a clear yes. For others, the decision isn’t so easy. If you fall into the latter category, the below pros and cons list may help solidify your choice.

Pros Cons
Looks classic, clean and always in style May require frequent maintenance to avoid yellowing
Has design versatility with numerous customization options Shows dirt easily
Reflects sunlight for maximum energy efficiency Can look plain without customization
Can make your garage’s exterior appear bigger Retains less heat than darker garage doors

FAQs about White Garage Doors

How can I choose the perfect white garage door replacement for my home?

When it comes to choosing a white garage door, material plays a crucial role in determining its overall appearance and durability.

For instance, aluminum doors are lightweight and resistant to rust but are not as durable as steel. Steel doors are durable, low-maintenance, and available in various styles and finishes, but they can be susceptible to rust if not properly maintained.

Other factors to consider are the climate where you live, the available finish options, and their maintenance needs. Ultimately, you should ask yourself:

  • How much garage door maintenance am I willing to do?
  • Is my goal to increase my home’s value?
  • Which white garage door option would best complement the exterior design of my home?
  • What is my budget for purchase cost, installation, and maintenance?

Still have questions? Contact a Precision service professional near you to learn more about your options.

Can I paint my white garage door a different color?

Yes, white garage doors can typically be painted a different color. Be sure to use a professional to ensure that the job is done cleanly and correctly.

Try our free garage door designer tool to see what your new dream garage door would look like.

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