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Is a Dented Garage Door Worth Repairing?



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Is a Dented Garage Door Worth Repairing?

Yes, a dented garage door should be repaired as soon as the damage occurs. While it may seem like a dent or two won't make a difference in your door's functionality, a compromised garage door may lack security and stability. Additionally, a small dent can become a large and expensive problem later.

Your garage door is one of the most noticeable and important components of your home’s exterior. Ensure that your home, loved ones, and belongings are protected by immediately repairing any dents, scrapes, and other types of damage.

Here, we review why you should repair a dented garage door, how to know whether you need a garage door replacement, and ways to prevent damage from occurring in the future:

Why You Shouldn’t Let Garage Door Dents Linger

A dent in your garage door is more than an eyesore — it can drain your pockets. That’s because any damage to your garage door can cause your garage system’s parts to wear down faster, costing you more in repairs. For this reason, it’s almost always easier to repair the dent immediately than deal with additional malfunctioning garage door parts down the road.

Structural integrity is also crucial when determining whether to repair garage door dents. A dented garage door could become unbalanced, leading to severe misalignment issues. This poses a safety threat if your misaligned garage door happens to fall suddenly while in the open position.

Overall, a well-maintained garage door does more than just enhance your home’s curb appeal. It protects your loved ones, your home, your belongings, and the rest of your garage door system's parts.

The Risks of DIY Repairs for Garage Door Damage

It can be tempting to try popular DIY fixes to repair your dented garage door, but these solutions are temporary and can cause more long-term harm than good.

In the chart below, you'll see some common DIY suggestions for a dented garage door and why implementing these suggestions is not a good idea.

DIY suggestion to fix a dented garage door Why this method isn't effective
Use hot water or a heat gun to make the metal in the garage door more malleable. This can damage your garage door's paint job and finish, leaving you with blistering or peeling paint in the place of a dent.
Use a plunger or something similar to pull the dented area outward. This method can create marks or scratches, resulting in an unsightly door.
Apply dry ice to the dent to cause the metal to contract. This may not be suitable for all garage door materials and may even ruin some.
Replace the damaged panel. DIY attempts to replace a damaged panel lead to serious safety risks.
Use a hammer to pop out the dent. Hammering your garage door can cause additional damage and may harm its structural integrity.
Apply a DIY filler and paint over the filler. Chances are the filler isn't as durable as your garage door material is. Painting over a small part of your door will also result in an uneven appearance.

So, what exactly is the right course of action? Consult a trustworthy garage door repair company to guide you in the right direction.

How to Prevent Garage Door Dents

Did you know that your shrubbery could potentially damage your garage door? While some garage door types dent easier than others do, there are ways to prevent damage from occurring in the first place.

Here are some tips to ensure that your garage door stays in good shape:

  • Manage your landscaping: Trim all trees and shrubbery so that they don't have the opportunity to scratch or dent your garage door.
  • Purchase impact-resistant doors: Impact-resistant garage doors are designed to withstand the high impacts of extreme weather conditions.
  • Avoid using your driveway for high-impact activities: One ball game can turn into a hard-to-fix garage door dent.

These tips, coupled with immediate action, can prevent most instances of garage door denting.

FAQ About Solutions for Dented Garage Doors

Can a dent in the garage door be fixed?

Yes, a dent in a garage door can typically be fixed. The appropriate repair method depends on the type of dent and its severity, as well as the door’s material.

Garage door professionals use specialized tools and techniques to ensure that your paint, finish, and garage door remain intact during the repair process. In cases where the dent has caused structural damage, the affected panel may need to be replaced. Overall, the repair approach varies, so it's essential that a professional assess the extent of the damage to determine the most suitable method.

How do garage door companies repair dents?

Garage door professionals assess the extent of the damage, determine the most suitable repair method, and execute the repair with precision. One common technique used by professionals is paintless dent repair (PDR). This method involves accessing the backside of the dented panel and massaging the metal into its original shape without altering the paint finish. PDR is particularly effective for smaller to medium-sized dents where the paint is still intact. It is a precise and meticulous process that requires specialized tools and expertise, making it a popular choice for many garage door repair services.

A garage door professional may recommend panel replacement for more extensive dents or instances where the paint is damaged. In these cases, the damaged panel is removed and replaced with a new one.