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Garage Door Lock Bar



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A garage door lock bar is an extra measure of security that you can use to protect your home. They are hidden from external view and keep your garage door closed by preventing someone from raising it at all. A metal bar attached to the inside of your garage door moves into a space located on the garage door track. Lock bars are often used in conjunction with another lock type.

The pros at Precision Garage Door Service® understand the importance of keeping your home safe and are here to help. We offer replacement and installation services for your garage door’s lock bar so that you can feel at ease and protected in your home.

Types of Garage Door Lock Bar Assemblies

Whether you’re looking to replace your current lock bar or are looking to install a new one for the first time, you should know about the lock and lock bar combos available for your garage door’s configuration.

Your garage door type determines which type of lock and lock bar you’ll need. Below are some common garage door types, along with the lock and lock bar assemblies that work best with each.

  • For manual garage doors: T-handle locks are a popular choice. When the handle is turned, the lock works to engage and disengage the lock bar, providing an additional layer of security.
  • For sectional garage doors: Consider using a slide lock. This setup works by allowing a horizontal lock bar to glide into a locking bracket on your garage door track to stop a person from opening your door.
  • Side-hinge garage doors: Benefit from a side latch lock. In this layout, a vertical lock bar slides into locking brackets located on your door’s frame in order to hold the door in place.

Still have a question about which lock and lock bar combination would work best for your garage door? Contact the pros at Precision Garage Door Service for a prompt answer.

How We Install the Lock Bar for Your Garage Door

Our team provides whichever type of lock bar setup works best for your garage door when we do the installation. The specific process for replacing or installing a garage door lock bar varies depending on your garage door and lock type. Our trained service professionals will inform you of what their specific installation process will be during their visit to your home.

In general, here are the steps we take with every garage door lock bar installation:

  1. Assess what tools and equipment are needed: Many of our trucks are equipped to do same-day repairs or installations. Our pros will examine your garage door and determine what materials are needed to install your new lock bar.
  2. Remove and discard the old lock bar: We’ll remove your current lock bar configuration by unscrewing any fastened parts.
  3. Install the new lock bar: Once installation for your new lock bar begins, count on our pros to get the job done right.
  4. Test the new lock bar: When the installation process is complete, we’ll ensure that everything is working as it should and answer any questions you may have about the way your new lock bar operates.

We take your satisfaction seriously, which is why our technicians are dedicated to ensuring a hassle-free installation experience.

Let Precision Install Your Garage Door Lock Bar

For quality service, trust the pros at Precision Garage Door Service to install the correct lock bar for your garage door type. To get started, give us a call at (877) 301-7474 or find the Precision Garage Door Service professional nearest you.