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Garage Door Sizes



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Size plays an essential role in choosing the right garage door for your home. Since garage door sizes are based on factors such as vehicle type and the measurement of your garage door opening, it is difficult figuring out which size may have the most ideal fit for your needs. Additionally, the opening of your garage may have sizing limitations dictated by building codes in your area.

So how do you determine which size garage door would work best for your home? Read on as the experts at Precision Garage Door Service® answer this question and a few more you may have about garage door sizing.

Factors to Help You Choose the Right Garage Door Size

When choosing a size for your garage door, take the following into account for an accurate and fit that suits your needs:

  • Measurements of your garage door’s current entryway: Garage doors are typically measured in terms of width by height.
  • The size of your current door in relation to the new one: Are you looking to get a new garage door size altogether? Although this is possible, consult with a garage door professional to ensure that you are not violating any building or permit codes by expanding your entryway. A professional will also help maintain the structural integrity of your garage system.
  • Car size space requirements: Consider the size of your current vehicles. A four-door sedan has very different space requirements from an RV’s.
  • Future car upgrades or changes: How long do you plan to keep your vehicle? If you'll be getting a smaller one soon, you may not need to take the size of your new garage door into consideration. However, if your plan is to buy a larger vehicle, you’ll need to take your future vehicle’s width and height into account when choosing a garage door size.

Common Garage Door Sizes

Whether you are fitting your door for a smaller single-car garage space or a bigger space for an RV, you may be wondering which garage door size is appropriate for your needs. Here are some common sizes to consider:

Size Type Common Sizes (width x height)
Single-car 8' x 7'
9' x 7'
10' x 7'
Double-car 16' x 7'
16' x 8'
18' x 7'
18' x 8'
RV 12' x 14'
14' x 14'
16' x 14'
16' x 16'

Single Garage Door Sizes: Single-car garages accommodate one regular-sized car. Bigger vehicles may require a longer door width or height than what’s listed.

Double Garage Door Sizes: Generally, double-car garage doors are manufactured to a width of 16' and a length of 7'. Homeowners who have larger vehicles or who simply desire a bit more wiggle room may want to consider a width of 18'. Those who desire more height clearance as well have the option of purchasing a door that's 18' x 8'.

RV Garage Door Sizes: RVs vary in size, which affects what garage door sizes would be considered common in the RV world. However, a general rule is to get a door 16 feet high if your RV is on the larger side, as a height of 16 feet is enough to clear most RVs.

FAQs about Garage Door Size

Can I customize the size of my garage door?

Yes. Garage doors can be customized to fit your vehicle’s and home’s needs. To learn about available customization options, speak to a Precision Garage Door Service professional today.

Can I replace my existing garage door with a different size?

Yes, a garage door opening can be modified to account for a different garage door size. However, because this often involves making structural modifications to your garage door’s system, leave this project to the professionals.

How do I determine the right size for my garage door?

There are a variety of factors to take into account including the size of your car(s), the width and height of your current garage door entryway, and any changes planned for your vehicles that may change your garage’s height and width clearance requirements.

Trust Precision to Help You Install the Right Garage Door Size

You don’t have to guess at the right garage door size for your home. Our experts are qualified and equipped to advise you so that you can get the most out of your new garage door. To get started with a consultation today, find the Precision garage door pro nearest you.