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LED Lighting in Garage Door Openers

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A Bright Idea In Garage Door Openers

Have you ever felt motivated to work on a project during the late hours of the day, or even the middle of the night? Perhaps you’re restoring a car, or maybe the carburetor on your lawnmower needs to be rebuilt? Well, if you enjoy having the convenience of a peaceful and well-lit garage, then LED lighting is an important feature for you.

Quite frankly, there haven’t been many innovations to the garage door opener in recent history. However, one of the big new features is an upgrade to the lighting the opener provides. This may not sound like a big deal until you think about how much of your life has been spent fumbling around your garage. With some of the new options now available, those days can now be considered a thing of the past!

Consider for a moment: A standard 60-watt light bulb is rated to 800 lumens. LiftMaster is now offering openers with an LED bulb that’s rated to a whopping 3,100 lumens! It calls this feature corner-to-corner lighting and suggest it will produce a situation like daylight in your garage.

Precision offers a dimmable LED lighting solution with 3,000 lumens of brightness. Very bright indeed!

Genie is offering an LED bulb in their openers as well. However, its LED bulb is rated to 800 lumens.

Of course, these openers come with all the other benefits of LED lighting as well. The bulbs are longer-lasting and provide energy-cost savings as well. All the good stuff!

Daytime in your garage at night? You may not realize how much you needed it until you get it.

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