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Opening Doors In Our Community



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Opening Doors in Our Community

As a company, we believe in giving back to the community we serve. That's why we started an outreach program called Opening Doors in Our Community. It's an opportunity to lift up those in need, or recognize and reward our neighbors who are selfless and sacrificial. Our goal is to be a positive force and help those who truly need it or deserve it.

Helping Foster Families

When a foster who spends her time opening new doors for foster children needed a new garage door, Precision replaced her door at no charge.

Fire Fighter

A local Fire Fighter gets a helping hand while he fights with his insurance company.

Korean Vet

When what was required was more than this homeowner and Army Vet was prepared for... Precision stepped in.

Operation Code Vet

Operation Code Vet is a program to help Veterans keep their home when they are under the weight of code violations. Precision among a team of volunteers.

Tornado Victims

A tornado leaves Don and Brenda's home in near total destruction. With so many repairs to do they could hardly afford a garage door. Precision came in and awarded the couple with a free garage door. Brenda's reaction makes it all worthwhile.

Lifting Our Neighbors

Small problems can be overwhelming when you're grieving a loved one. We did what we could to remove one obstacle from a widow's daily life.

Teacher Thank You

While Miss Wilson was teaching her 2nd grade class, Precision was at her home installing a new garage door as a way to say thank you. She was not "expecting" this.

Surviving The Storms of Life

After a series of devastating medical diagnoses, hurricane damage and failed insurance companies left this widow without a functioning garage door. When people receive a helping hand it can really change their outlook. This is what this program is all about.

Frontline Hero

When a Covid Hero and Mother of 5 needed a new garage door, Precision awarded a new garage door and garage door opener as part of the Opening Doors In Our Community program.

50 Legs

When a person who has given so much to so many has a problem, it is an easy decision to help that person when you can. We are really proud to be able to give something back to this really special guy.

Gift For Veteran

Precision gifted a new garage door to a disabled vietnam war veteran. Join the effort to help veterans in our community.