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RV Garage Door Sizes



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Looking to store your RV inside? Trying to squeeze an RV through a standard garage door opening made for one or two cars could lead to serious injury or damage. Luckily, there are larger garage door sizes available for safe RV entry. In this article, the professionals at Precision Garage Door Service® help you choose the right RV garage door size to keep your family, your RV, and garage opening safe.

Common RV Garage Door Sizes

Since there is so much variation in RV sizes, it makes sense that RV garage door sizes vary as well. Below are some common RV types along with suitable garage door sizes for each.

RV Type RV Garage Door Width RV Garage Door Height
Class A motorhome 10–16 feet 12–14 feet
Class B motorhome 8–9 feet 8–9 feet
Class C motorhome 9–12 feet 10–12 feet
Travel trailers 8–12 feet 8–9 feet
Fifth-wheel trailers 8–12 feet 12–13 feet
Toy haulers 7–10 feet 6.5–7.5 feet
Truck campers 5–8 feet 6–8 feet
  • Class A motorhomes are known for being luxurious. Appropriately nicknamed “land yachts,” these vehicles require plenty of room to fit into garage spaces.
  • Class B motorhomes are compact vehicles designed for small families or individuals who travel lightly. Since they are not as large as their Class A counterparts are, they need far less clearance to fit into garages.
  • Class C motorhomes are mid-size RVs with adequate living and sleeping areas. They generally can use smaller garage doors than Class A motorhomes can, but require larger doors than Class B motorhomes do.
  • Travel trailers, as the name suggests, are designed to be towed by vehicles. It’s common for them to be stored outdoors, but those who wish to store them in a garage should be mindful that their width can span up to 12 feet.
  • Fifth-wheel trailers are typically stored outdoors. To store one in a garage, be mindful of the clearance needed when you are hitching and unhitching the trailer to your vehicle.
  • Toy haulers combine living quarters with the space to transport an extra vehicle. To store one in a garage space, keep in mind that they can sometimes run wider than 10 feet depending on the type of vehicle they store.
  • Truck campers can often fit in a standard garage when off a truck. When on your truck, you may not have much trouble fitting in a standard garage space, but definitely measure your truck and camper before attempting to enter.

Factors to Help You Choose the Right RV Garage Door Size

To select an appropriate RV garage door size, consider the following factors.

  • RV size and dimensions: Whether you own a sizable Class A motorhome or a compact truck camper, it’s essential to measure your vehicle. Avoid clearance issues by allowing enough room for your RV to enter and exit your garage comfortably.
  • Future RV upgrades or changes: How long will you have your current RV? If you have plans to upgrade to a bigger model, you may want to take your upgrade into account when choosing your RV garage door size.
  • Professional guidance and recommendations: Our professionals have measured and fit countless RV garage doors. For more information on which size you’ll need in order to comfortably fit your vehicle through your garage’s opening, contact one of our experts today.

FAQs about RV Garage Door Size

Can I fit my RV through a standard residential garage door?

No, your RV either will not fit through your residential garage door, or will not fit safely. Larger RVs such as Class A motorhomes in particular need a higher clearance space than most residential garage doors offer. We recommend customizing your garage door space to ensure that your RV has plenty of room to safely fit.

Can I modify my current garage door to fit my RV?

Yes. In most cases, it’s possible to modify your current garage door. However, this involves modifying the garage entryway itself, as it will need to be wider and/or higher in order to comfortably fit your RV. Once your garage has been adjusted for your RV’s height and width, a new, appropriately sized garage door can be installed.

How do I know the right size for my RV garage door?

Consulting a garage door professional is the best way to determine the right size for your RV garage door. Our experts can assess your RV's dimensions and recommend the appropriate size to ensure safe entry and exit from your garage.

Trust Precision for the Right RV Garage Door Size

Let the professionals at Precision help you make the right decision about your RV garage door size. To get started, give us a call or find the Precision expert nearest you.