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12 Foot Garage Doors



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If you’re finding that you need some extra width to accommodate a large vehicle, consider having a service professional install a 12 foot garage door. Typically, 12 feet refers to the width of the garage door, and the measurement that follows refers to the door’s height. Wondering whether this wide, customizable garage door is the right choice for your home? Check out what our experts have to say in this guide.

Special Considerations for 12 Foot Garage Doors

A 12 foot garage door is considerably wider than the common garage door is at 8 feet x 7 feet, so it will accommodate a much larger number of vehicle sizes. Below are important factors to take into account when choosing a 12 foot garage door.

Car Size

The good news about this larger door size is that it accommodates most vehicles — with room to spare in many cases. Park a larger vehicle comfortably, or have space to drive in equipment or a motorized bike alongside a car. Either way, a 12 foot garage door has the side clearance that you need to accommodate most vehicle types. The below chart lists common vehicle sizes and whether each will fit through a 12 foot garage door.

Car Type Will it fit?
Compact cars
Standard-sized SUVs
Large SUVs
Mid-sized pickup trucks
Large pickup trucks
Class B RVs
Class C RVs
Class A RVs X
Fifth wheel RV trailers X

Available Space

How many vehicles do you have? What are the sizes of those vehicles? You’ll need to take these factors into account when you’re looking to use your garage for parking and storage space. While some vehicles such as sedans or compact cars won’t have issues with fitting through your garage door, they may have issues fitting into the garage space if your garage houses more than just vehicles. Make the most of the width that 12 foot garage doors offer by keeping the items that you store in your garage to a minimum.

Hardware Compatibility

Your garage door system has springs, tracks, and rollers that all accommodate the size of your current garage door. Whether you’re looking to replace your 12 foot garage door or resize your garage to be suitable for a door this size, you need the proper hardware to support your new door’s weight.

Contact a garage door professional to discuss the best hardware options for your garage door’s size.

Customization Options for 12 Foot Garage Doors

Wondering about what customization options exist for 12 foot garage doors? Your options are plentiful. From real or faux wood doors to fancy handles, you can style your door to fit your home’s exterior and your preferred aesthetic. Here are just a few personal touches that you can add:

  • The garage door material that is best suited to your location and style
  • A range of colors to reflect your personal style
  • Accent windows to let in light and fit a modern or traditional look
  • Garage door hinges and handles that complement your door’s aesthetic

To see a visual of how these styles may look on your new garage door, check out Precision Garage Door Service® free garage door design tool.

Not quite ready to design a garage door yet? Browse our garage door gallery for design ideas.

FAQs about 12 Foot Garage Doors

Can I install my 12 foot garage door myself?

No. Do not attempt to install a garage door yourself. Call a garage door professional to avoid risk of injury or property damage.

Can I put a 12 foot garage door on my existing 8 x 7 garage?

Although a 12 foot garage door would be too wide to fit your 8 foot garage door opening, you do have options if you’d like a bigger garage door. You can either modify your garage door opening to fit your new 12 foot door, or you can rebuild your garage altogether. Both options should only be executed by an experienced garage door professional.

What are some common size options for 12 foot garage doors?

Garage doors measuring 12 feet wide often range from 7 to 9 feet high. The height that you choose should accommodate the type of vehicle you’ll be storing in your garage. Taller vehicles such as RVs need more clearance, while smaller sedans don’t need more than 7 feet of height.