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Finding The Right Garage Door Brackets

A garage door that isn’t working is frustrating enough, trying to fix the problem yourself can be maddening. If your garage door isn’t working due to a damaged bracket, and you’re unsure which garage door bracket you need, then this article will help. Our experts will review the different kinds of brackets to help you determine which one you need to fix the problem.

Types of Garage Door Brackets

The type of garage door bracket you need depends on a multitude of factors, but one of the most important is how the bracket will function in the operation of your garage door. Let’s review the function, location, and importance of each type of garage door bracket.

Track Brackets

Also known as: Track hangers, track support brackets.

Function: Provide stability for your garage door tracks.

Location: Depending on the type of track system your garage door uses, this bracket can be installed on your garage’s ceiling, door frame, or walls.

Importance: Track brackets help prevent your garage door’s tracks from misaligning. In turn, this helps your garage door open and close smoothly without becoming stuck.

Flag Brackets

Also known as: Bottom brackets.

Function: Connect your lift cables to the bottom section of your garage door.

Location: These L-shaped brackets are located at the bottom of your garage door.

Importance: Flag garage door brackets aid in lifting your garage door. Like track brackets, they help prevent garage door misalignment.

Jamb Brackets

Also known as: Hinge brackets, vertical track brackets.

Function: Support your garage door’s vertical tracks.

Location: They are attached to the vertical sides of your garage door’s frame.

Importance: Jamb brackets help secure your garage door’s vertical track. They also help hold together your garage door’s panels by providing an attachment point for your door’s hinges.

Reinforcement Brackets

Also known as: Strut brackets, strut angle iron reinforcement brackets.

Function: Used as extra reinforcement for heavier garage doors.

Location: They are located inside your garage door panel. The number of reinforcement brackets and specific panels that they are located on vary depending on the level of extra support that’s needed.

Importance: Reinforcement brackets help stabilize heavier doors to prevent door misalignment.

Opener Attachment Brackets

Also known as: Motor mounting brackets, opener brackets.

Function: Mount your garage door opener to the ceiling or wall of your garage.

Location: These brackets are typically installed on the ceiling or wall of your garage.

Importance: Opener attachment brackets help ensure that your garage door opener is securely mounted, protecting your opener’s motor from accidental damage.

Adjustable Brackets

Also known as: Adjustable angle brackets, adjustable support brackets.

Function: Provide added adjustability when installing and aligning parts of a garage door system.

Location: The placement of these brackets depends on where they’re needed.

Importance: Adjustable brackets allow garage door professionals to adjust the angle of your garage door tracks so that your garage door functions optimally.

Which Garage Door Bracket Type Is Causing My Door to Malfunction?

Still not sure which garage door bracket type you need to replace? Use the chart below to narrow down the bracket you need based on the malfunction that your garage door is having.

Bracket Type Garage Door Problem
Track brackets
  • Gets stuck
  • Becomes unbalanced on one side
Flag brackets
  • Gets stuck
  • Becomes unbalanced on one side
  • Noisier than usual
Jamb brackets
  • Gaps in between panels
  • Misaligned panels
  • Difficulty opening and closing the door
Reinforcement brackets
  • Becomes unbalanced on one side
  • Panels are bent or warped
Opener attachment brackets
  • Noisier than usual
  • Shakes or jerks during operation
  • Gets stuck
  • Does not respond to garage door opener
Adjustable brackets
  • Gets stuck
  • Becomes unbalanced on one side
  • Noisier than usual

Get Professional Garage Door Repair

A garage door that is in good working condition is more than a convenience, it’s a necessity. Keep in mind that there are a large number of garage door parts, many of which should only be repaired or replaced by an experienced professional. Considering your problem may be caused by something other than a bracket, it’s best to seek professional advice.

Instead of spending all day trying to determine the problem on your own, contact the pros at Precision Garage Door Service™. Our garage door repair service will quickly identify the problem and get your garage door working perfectly again. Contact the location nearest you now to get started.