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High Lift Garage Door



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What are High Lift Garage Doors?

A high lift garage door is designed with extended door tracks. These longer door tracks hug the wall and ceiling closely to provide an additional 12 to 15 inches of clearance before the horizontal curve. A high lift door makes better use of the vertical space in your garage and gives you more headroom to fit a taller vehicle or other items.

This guide explains the best use for a high lift door, some pros and cons, and answers some of the common questions associated with them.

System Requirements for High Lift Garage Doors

If you do decide to have a high lift garage door installed, there are some specific system requirements you should know about.

To have a high lift garage door installed, the following requirements must be met:

  • Specialized tracks: High lift garage doors use special vertical and horizontal tracks that are longer than standard tracks. These tracks allow your garage door to recede farther into your garage space, increasing the doorway's clearance.
  • High garage ceiling: Some high lift garage door systems, such as vertical doors, require a minimum of 12 to 14 feet of clearance above the garage door opening to meet installation requirements. To get an exact measurement for the amount of clearance you may need, consult a garage door professional near you.
  • Torsion springs: Specialized torsion springs are equipped to handle the weight and smooth operation of high lift garage doors. Since high lift doors are typically larger and heavier, a larger torsion spring is required to assist with opening and closing of the door.
  • Dedicated high lift hardware: Any hardware typically associated with your garage door's movement, such as cables, drums, or brackets, may need to be replaced to accommodate your new door's weight and operation.

Uses for High Lift Garage Doors

High lift garage doors offer homeowners flexibility in how they utilize their garage space, including these types of uses:

  • Storage for taller vehicles: Need to park or store a vehicle that is taller than a standard vehicle, such as an RV or boat? High lift garage doors may be able to provide the clearance taller vehicles need to fit in your garage.
  • Home gyms: If you have plans to convert your garage space to an at-home gym, high lift garage doors can be useful for housing tall gym equipment.
  • Large Equipment: Additional vertical space in your garage makes it easier to store and transport large equipment in and out of your garage.

Pros and Cons of High Lift Garage Doors

Still deciding if high lift garage doors are right for your home? The pros and cons chart below can help you determine if a high lift door fits your needs.



  • Provides extra clearance for tall vehicles or equipment
  • Can enhance curb appeal by creating a modern aesthetic
  • Can increase the value of a home by creating more overhead garage space
  • Customizable
  • Not suitable for garages with low ceilings.
  • Cost more than standard garage doors.
  • Heavier door weight makes the installation process more complex.
  • Limited design options compared to standard garage doors.

FAQ About High Lift Garage Doors

Can I install a high lift door on my existing garage?

Whether a high lift door is a good fit for your garage depends on a number of factors, including your garage's ceiling height. It's best to consult a garage door professional to provide tailored solutions for your needs.

Do high lift garage doors require more maintenance?

Yes. High lift garage doors tend to require more maintenance because they are heavier, which can put more strain on your garage door system. However, with proper maintenance, high lift doors can last as long as a conventional door.

Do high lift garage doors come in different materials?

Yes. High lift garage doors can be made of a variety of materials, such as steel, wood, or aluminum, to fit your style preferences and budget.

Interested In Having a High Lift Garage Door Installed?

If you’re considering having a high lift garage door installed and want to learn more about what’s required, contact the experts at your local Precision Garage Door Services™. Your local team at Precision Garage Door Service will evaluate your current system and determine if installation of a high lift garage door is right for your home.