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What is a Low-Headroom Garage Door?

Low-headroom garage doors are ideal for homeowners with minimal overhead garage space. If any of the below situations apply to you, you may benefit from learning more about this space-saving garage door:

  • Your garage ceiling is low, leaving you with little vertical clearance.
  • There are obstructions such as pipes, ductwork, or other structural elements that reduce your garage's available headroom.

Interested in learning more? Here are some basics you should know about low-headroom garage doors:

Configurations for Low-Headroom Garage Doors

Wondering what it would take to have a low-headroom garage door installed? Contact a professional for a consultation. Garage door professionals specialize in helping homeowners choose the best garage door system for their garage's architectural design.

Here are some configurations that a garage door expert may suggest:

  • Front-mounted spring system: Generally more common than its rear-mounted counterpart, a front-mounted spring system uses a torsion spring positioned above your garage door opening. The horizontal configuration of the torsion spring helps to maximize overhead garage space.
  • Rear-mounted spring system: As the name suggests, rear-mounted spring systems are positioned at the rear of your garage to help you take full advantage of your garage's restricted headroom. Extension springs are commonly used in this configuration.

Types of Low-Headroom Garage Doors

If the ceiling in your garage is low, you still have plenty of low-headroom garage door options. Below are a few popular ones to consider.

Roll-up Garage Doors

These garage doors roll up into a coil above the garage door opening, which means they require less overhead space than other garage door types.

Sectional Garage Doors

Highly customizable, these garage doors can be configured with special hardware to accommodate your garage's low ceiling.

Pros and Cons of Low-Headroom Garage Doors

Throughout the years, low-headroom garage doors have remained popular amongst homeowners who have limited headroom in their garages. Still, it's essential to see if this door type fits your preferences.

Pros Cons
Creates more overhead space Can be more expensive than traditional garage doors
Customizable May not be compatible with certain garage door openers
Suitable for both single and double car garages
Typically less noisy

FAQ About Low-Headroom Garage Doors

What is a low-headroom garage door?

Low-headroom garage doors allow homeowners with low ceilings to maximize their garage's headspace. They come in various garage door system configurations and require specialized hardware and professional installation to function optimally.

How can I determine if a low-headroom garage door suits my garage?

If your garage ceiling is less than 8 feet high, it is generally considered to be "low." For the most accurate assessment of your garage's measurements, contact a garage door professional near you.

Can I add insulation to a low-headroom garage door?

Yes. Insulation options for low-headroom garage doors do exist. However, your options depend on the age of your garage door. While existing low-headroom garage doors can be retroactively fitted with insulation, new ones typically have insulation already built-in.

Can I install a low-headroom garage door by myself?

No. Installing a low-headroom or any other type of garage door requires professional expertise and the proper tools. A professional will use precise installation methods to ensure proper operation and safety of your garage door system. It's always best — and safer — to contact a garage door professional whenever installation and repairs are needed.

Low-Headroom Garage Door Installation

Just because your garage overhead space is limited, it doesn't mean that your garage door options have to be. Unlock the potential of low-headroom space with a low-headroom garage door installation from Precision Garage Door Service™.

For more information on installing your low-headroom garage door, contact the Precision Garage Door Service professional nearest you.