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Exploring the Best Oversized Garage Door Sizes for Your Home



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Finding the Ideal Fit: Exploring the Best Oversized Garage Door Sizes for Your Home

Owners that need to store oversized items in their garage know the frustration of finding the right size garage door for their truck(s), SUV, RV, and/or boat. While there are many standard garage doors to choose from, finding the right oversized garage door can take a little more time and effort. In this guide, the experts at Precision Garage Door Service™ provide common sizes for oversized garage doors, along with spatial and structural factors to consider that will help you choose the right oversized garage door for your needs.

Sizing Considerations for Oversized Garage Doors

Oversized garage door sizes typically start at 10 feet wide and 10 feet high but can be much larger depending on how you’re going to utilize the space in your garage.

For example, garage doors that are 12' x 10' may be suitable if you’re moving large items or equipment in and out of your garage. However, if you are storing an RV, boat, or other tall item, you’ll need additional height to ensure there is enough clearance to store your property.

If vehicle storage is your primary focus, the specific type of vehicle that you own makes a difference in the size of the garage door you choose. For example, larger vehicles with trailers need a much wider opening than vehicles without trailers. Meanwhile, RV garage door sizes can vary depending on the type of RV that you own.

Below are some sample sizes for oversized garage doors, along with examples of ways they can be used. Keep in mind that the height and width for each size may be increased or decreased according to your specific needs and preference.

Garage Door Size (Width x Height) Common Uses and Examples
10' x 10' Small RVs
Small Boats
Large SUVs
12' x 10' Workspace
Standard RVs
Large trucks
14' x 10' Large RVs
Trucks with trailers
16' x 10' Aesthetic appeal
Large RVs
Commercial vehicles
18' x 10' Extra-large RVs
Trucks with wide trailers
20' x 10' Oversized RVs
Boats with trailers

Of course, there are additional garage door sizes that can be customized to fit items that are taller and/or wider. For example, a boat with a high mast or rigging may require more height clearance. This may also be true for storing farm or excavation equipment. While storing a small plane usually requires more width than height.

Structural Integrity Considerations for Oversized Garage Doors

Regardless of the particular size that you choose, the installation process for an oversized garage door involves careful consideration of factors that will affect your garage door’s structural integrity.

Prior to your garage door installation, a service professional will ensure that your garage door frame and tracks are equipped to support the weight of your new oversized door. They may also install additional structural reinforcements if you live in an especially windy or earthquake-prone area.

FAQ About Oversized Garage Door Sizes

What design options are available for a larger oversized garage door?

An oversized garage door is the perfect opportunity to showcase personalized style and design choices such as window inserts, decorative hinges or handles, a unique color, faux wood finishes, outdoor lighting, and more.

Are there any building code regulations for oversized garage doors?

Yes, although building code regulations vary by region. Your area may have specific requirements in place about the size of your garage door and the amount of structural support it needs. Be sure to check with a garage door professional to verify the regulations applicable to your area.

Need Help Choosing Your Oversized Garage Door?

Whether you’re storing truck(s), an RV, equipment, a boat, or other valuable items, you want to make sure you have enough room to move them in and out easily and that they are secured safely in your garage. This means finding the right oversized garage door. If you’re unsure of which oversized garage door size would work best for your home, contact the experts. To get started, find the Precision Garage Door Service professional near you for an in-home consultation.