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Brick House with Double Cedar Garage Doors

If you’re looking for a stylish accent to complement your home’s exterior, consider having a cedar garage door installed. These reddish-brown garage doors are low-maintenance compared to other wood types with numerous opportunities for customization. They also have the potential to raise your home’s value. In this guide, the experts at Precision Garage Door Service® give advice on ways to design and maintain cedar garage doors so that you can enjoy yours for years to come.

Cedar Garage Door Styles

When designing a garage door, there are a ton of decorating decisions to make. From custom windows to panel designs, you have numerous style choices. Below are some popular customization options for cedar garage doors in particular.

Panel Designs

The style of your garage door panels has a lot to do with the overall aesthetic of your door. For instance, those who are seeking a look that’s more modern than traditional may choose to go with a ribbed panel design over a traditional long panel style.

The paneling on cedar garage doors is also easy to engrave with designs or etchings, making these doors ideal statement pieces for your home’s exterior.

Carriage House Design

Carriage house garage doors are known for having a vintage appeal. Modeled after 18th and 19th century carriage houses, these doors have a distinct style that pairs well with cedar wood.

For an exclusively vintage carriage house look, pair this style with decorative hinges and handles.

Garage Door Windows

Garage door windows are versatile in that they can be styled to complement a variety of looks.

For a more modern aesthetic, arrange your windows in a vertical pattern on your garage door. Conversely, horizontal arched or square windows can be added to your garage door to create a common yet sophisticated look.

Stained or Natural Finish

Cedar garage doors have the natural and unique grain patterns that most wood garage doors are known for. For this reason, many wood garage door homeowners opt for a clear stain that showcases their door’s natural grain. Others choose a darker stain to achieve a deeper hue.

Stains also help protect your door from the outdoor elements, so having one is essential.

How to Maintain Cedar Garage Doors

Wood garage doors in general require regular attention and maintenance. Although cedar garage doors are a type of wood garage door that’s easier to maintain, they do require more upkeep than non-wood materials do.

Regular garage door tuneups take care of a multitude of checkups including:

  • Hardware checks to ensure that hinges and handles are intact
  • Part lubrication to keep your garage door system running smoothly
  • Balance checks to make sure your door has equal weight on both sides
  • Garage door seal checks to prevent bugs or moisture from entering your garage

Aside from getting your garage door tuneups every year, there are some things that you can do to preserve your cedar garage doors.

Follow these maintenance tips:

  • Have a professional apply stain for protection from UV rays, moisture, and other environmental factors after installation and regularly thereafter.
  • Clean your garage doors regularly with a mild soap or detergent and water.
  • Address any signs of damage, mold, or rot promptly by contacting a garage door professional.
  • Trim any trees or bushes near your garage door to prevent scratches and moisture from damaging the door.

Cedar garage doors are a luxury worth preserving and maintaining. In fact, with careful and consistent maintenance, these doors can last up to 30 years.

Pros and Cons for Cedar Garage Doors

If you’re still undecided about whether to get a cedar garage door, the pros and cons below may help make your decision easier.

Pros Cons
Easier to maintain than other wood types are Requires more maintenance than do other materials such as steel
Can raise the value of a home Costs more than other garage door materials do such as steel or vinyl
Displays a natural, rich woodgrain pattern Needs to be stained or coated periodically to help prevent rotting and warping
Sturdy and durable Heavier door weight may make installation difficult
Increase curb appeal
Has design versatility

FAQs about Cedar Garage Doors

How often should you stain cedar garage doors?

In general, you should have a garage door professional stain your cedar garage doors every one to five years. The exact frequency depends on a number of factors such as:

  • The amount of UV light the door has been exposed to
  • The climate conditions in the homeowner’s area
  • How well-maintained the garage door is
  • The type of stain used

Your garage door professional can advise you on how often to stain your garage doors based on your specific situation.

Are cedar garage doors energy efficient?

Yes, they are energy efficient because cedar garage doors are heavy and sturdy. However, as other door types do, they benefit from having garage door insulation added.

Get Professional Assistance

Determining the right material for your garage door is difficult as there are so many factors to consider. However, you don’t need to do it alone. The pros at Precision Garage Door Service will help you determine which garage door material is best suited for your needs. Call us today at (877) 301-7474, or find the location nearest you.