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What You Should Know About Flat Panel Garage Doors



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Complete Guide to Flat Panel Garage Doors

An architecturally versatile option, flat panel garage doors can be paired with various décor styles. From elegant and modern to traditional and simple — whatever the exterior, chances are this garage door can accommodate it.

In this guide, we'll explore the following facets of flat panel garage doors:

Common Material Options for Flat Panel Garage Doors

Though there are many available materials for flat panel garage doors — such as aluminum, vinyl, and glass — the most common are steel and wood. Homeowners choose steel for its durability and low maintenance requirements, whereas wood is popular for those who value aesthetic appeal.

If you're wondering which garage door materials may suit you, consider the comparison chart below.

Durable Curb appeal Low-maintenance Custom Designs Safety features Increased home value Best for Extreme Climates
Steel Flat Panel Garage Doors X
Wood Flat Panel Garage Doors X X X

Steel provides homeowners with an affordable and durable option. It can mimic many different types of material, including wood or copper, so the customization options are plentiful.

Wood provides an elegant addition for any homeowner looking to add a traditional touch to their home's exterior. Although wood needs extensive upkeep, some deem the extra work worth it since wood garage doors can potentially increase a home's curb appeal and value.

Design Options for Flat Panel Garage Doors

Flat panel garage doors have a minimalistic style ideal for those who wish to treat their garage door like a blank canvas. Take a look at some potential style options:

  • Plain: These doors are sleek enough to stand on their own without any accessories. For this reason, some homeowners choose to skip the decorative accents.
  • Color: Make a statement with either bold or neutral colors.
  • Windows: Adding garage door windows gives your door character.
  • Decorative hardware: Stylish handles and hinges can make your door look more rustic or traditional.
  • Finishes: Use different finishes, such as matte, glossy, or textured, to add depth to your garage door.

Interested in designing your own flat panel garage door? Try our free garage door designer tool.

FAQs about Flat Panel Garage Doors

What is a flat panel garage door?

Flat panel garage doors are popular due to their clean and minimalist appearance. Unlike some garage door styles, they feature an unadorned surface without raised or recessed sections. This aesthetic complements many architectural styles, from modern and contemporary to classic.

These doors typically consist of one or more flat panels made from various materials such as wood, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, or vinyl. They may vary in terms of durability, maintenance requirements, and overall aesthetic.

Choosing one material over another may affect the door’s durability, maintenance needs, and appearance. Flat panel garage doors can also be customized with finishes, colors, and design elements tailored to homeowner preferences.

How long do flat panel garage doors last?

With the right maintenance plan in place, flat panel garage doors can last for many years.

For example, steel flat panel doors are known for their longevity and resistance to rust and corrosion. Proper maintenance allows these doors to last for 20 years or more. Regular cleaning and touch-up painting can extend their lifespan. On the other hand, wooden flat panel garage doors may require more maintenance to protect them from the elements. But with routine maintenance, including staining and moisture protection, they can still serve you for about 15-20 years.

The quality of installation and the local climate also affect your garage door's lifespan. Regular inspections and maintenance can help identify and address any issues, ensuring your flat panel garage door remains functional and aesthetically pleasing for many years.

Expert Flat Panel Garage Door Installation Service

Flat panel garage doors are an easy way to add an immaculate, sleek look to your home, but must be installed by a quality garage door professional for optimal results.

To inquire about our garage door installation service, contact the Precision Garage Door Service™ professional nearest you.