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Garage door apps give homeowners a way to secure their homes no matter where they are. Many homeowners today can control their garage door by using a smartphone.

If you’ve ever struggled with losing your garage opener remote or remembering if you closed the garage door after you left, it may be beneficial for you to consider using a garage door app.

How Garage Door Opener Apps Work

Garage door apps often require the use of a smart garage door opener. If you don’t own a smart garage door opener, there may be other solutions to help you operate your door using an app.

Using the garage door app is as simple as installing it on your phone, creating an account, and connecting it to your garage door opener or the device that opens it. Once the app is connected, you can immediately use it to monitor and control your garage door.

Benefits of Garage Door Apps

Still debating whether or not to give garage door apps a try? Check out some of the benefits that they offer:

  • Flexible for those on the go: Joggers, cyclists, and motorcyclists won’t need to pack that remote any longer.
  • Offers security at the tap of a screen: Just getting settled or out for the night and suddenly wondering whether you left the garage door open? No need to worry; you can check right from your phone.
  • Convenient deliveries: You can have packages securely delivered inside your garage.
  • Emergency-friendly: Want to open and close the garage door for a relative who needs access to your home? No problem.

Customization Options

One of the biggest advantages of garage door apps is your ability to customize them. Take a look at some of the customization options that exist:

  • Smart device integration: Some apps can be synced with smart gadgets that you may already have in your home, such as Alexa or even security cameras.
  • Set timers: Want your garage to close every day at 9 p.m.? Certain apps allow you to put your garage door on a scheduler. Make your garage door operation convenient for your lifestyle no matter the time of day.
  • Set alerts for added security: Afraid you’ll just go to bed and leave the garage door open? Set an alert reminding you to check.
  • Levels of access: Give your family members and the repair person different levels of access to your garage by customizing your app’s controls.

Choosing the Right App

There are a variety of garage door apps that have gained popularity. Check out four of the most popular below.


Arguably the most versatile garage door app of them all, myQ is compatible with most garage door openers manufactured after 1993. Some of its features include the ability to schedule your garage door’s activity, easy setup and installation, and live video streaming for close monitoring. It can be used on both Apple and Android devices and operates using Wi-Fi connectivity.


The GarageMax app uses Bluetooth to operate instead of Wi-Fi. Users connect a small, wired machine to the garage door and download an app to control the door. One perk associated with this app is its ability to control more than one garage door. It’s compatible with Apple and Android devices.


Gogogate2 gives users the option to connect a security camera in order to track activity around their garage door. It has voice control, as well as all the other press-and-watch operations that you would typically see with a garage door app. It functions with Apple and Android devices by using an active Wi-Fi connection.


Users can install the Garadget app on their Apple and Android devices with relative ease. The app uses Wi-Fi to connect to a separate Garadget device that is installed on your garage door opener. Great for added security, Garadget sends status updates based on your garage door activity.

How to Set Up Your Garage Door App

If you choose to go with one of the apps above, you’ll need to set it up. Check out some helpful setup tips below.

myQ Setup

Although there are many garage door apps on the market, myQ is a popular option amongst homeowners. Be sure to verify if your current opener is compatible with myQ. Once you visit myQ’s website, you’ll also receive specific steps for setting up your myQ app. Those who don’t have myQ compatibility may need to purchase a myQ Smart Garage®Control device like the one pictured above.


GarageMax Setup

To connect to the GarageMax app, you’ll need to purchase the GarageMax Receiver. Click here for specific instructions on pairing the app and Receiver.

Gogogate2 Setup

The setup process for Gogogate2 can be a little extensive. For this reason, they’ve developed an interactive instruction manual to guide youthrough the process. To make setup easier, Gogogate2 recommends reading the manual on a device other than the smartphone you’ll use to install the app.

Garadget Setup

Similar to the setup for the GarageMax app, the Garadget app uses a separate, wired device to connect to your garage door opener. The app is then paired to the wired device. The manufacturer’s instructions for installation are detailed but brief.

Need Help Installing Your Garage Door Opener and App?

In today’s ‘connected’ world, there’s no doubt that an app that helps you operate, see, and monitor your garage door activity is a real convenience. Think you may need a new garage door opener? Contact the experts at Precision Garage Door Service for expert installation. We’ll install your opener and help you connect to your garage door app in the process.

To get started, give us a call or find the Precision garage door specialist nearest you.