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Garage Door Emergency Release



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A garage door emergency release is a pull cord that allows you to disengage or re-engage the garage door opener. When disengaged, this enables you to manually open and close your garage door in the event of an emergency. You may need to use your emergency release during any of the following occurrences:

  • There’s a power outage.
  • Your automatic garage door opener isn’t working.
Opener Emergency Release

It’s important to have your emergency release tested regularly to make sure it’s working properly. We recommend having it tested at least once a year as part of a garage door tune up, although there are additional ways to test it on your own.

How to Use a Garage Door Emergency Release

Your garage door emergency release is connected to a trolley track that runs to your garage door opener. When you pull the release cord during an emergency, it temporarily disengages the door from this trolley track to stop any automated movement. You should then be able to manually open or close your garage door.

To reactivate the opener and trolley track, just pull the emergency cord toward the garage door. The trolley should click back into place. Your garage door should now work as it originally did via switch or remote.

How to Test Your Garage Door Emergency Release

If your emergency release isn’t working properly, you’ll need to call a specialist for garage door repair. You can test your emergency release for functionality by following these steps:

Only test your garage door emergency release when the door is in the down position.

  • Close the garage door and shut off its power supply.
  • Pull the emergency release cord.
  • Lift the garage door part way. Make a note of whether or not it stays in place. If it rises or falls, you could have an unbalanced door, a damaged spring or cable. This is a safety issue that needs the immediate attention of a garage door professional.
  • Manually close the door.
  • Reconnect the power to your door and opener.
  • Pull the cord toward the door until you hear a clicking sound (this is the sound of the trolley reconnecting).
  • Make sure your garage door is working as it once did by using the remote or switch to open and close it.

Let Us Install and Test Your Emergency Release

The emergency release on your garage door is an essential safety feature. If your garage door emergency release isn’t working properly, call our experts at (877) 301-7474. You can also find a Precision Garage Door Service professional near you for service.