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If you’re considering making a bold statement with your garage door, you’ve come to the right place. Having a unique garage door may increase not only your home’s value but also its curb appeal.

Whether you’re looking to add an unconventional color or an eye-catching style, consider what our experts have to say about the options available to you.

In this article, we cover out-of-the-box colors, finishes, and accents that you can mix and match to create your unique garage door.

Unique Garage Door Panel Design Options

Changing the look of your garage door is sometimes as easy as using a panel overlay. Panel overlays are decorative layers that are fitted over a garage door. They often mimic different textures or materials.

While garage door panel overlays are primarily used for aesthetic purposes, garage door finishes can also protect your door, change its look, and exude your desired style.

We recommend considering the various unique design, panel, finish options below to make your garage door stand out.

Faux Panel Options

Some panel designs come with considerable maintenance requirements. For this reason, some homeowners opt for one of the lower maintenance choices below.

  • Faux wood: If you want the elegant appearance of a wood door without the upkeep, consider faux wood garage doors. Made by applying an overlay that mimics the look of wood, faux wood doors are an optimal choice for those looking for style and longevity all in one.
  • Faux stone: The “stones” on faux stone garage doors are molded to look like natural stone. The faux stone overlay is then placed over the garage door and finished with a coating or sealant.
  • Faux brick: Faux brick molds are made from real brick samples and other materials. An overlay that mimics brick is then fitted over the garage door.
  • Faux copper: You can achieve a copper look through a multitude of methods such as overlaying copper plating, painting the garage door, or applying a powder coating. After application, a finish is typically applied to enhance believability.

Unique Garage Door Style Options

Alternative design options for your garage door include the following:

  • Full-view: Full-view garage doors feature see-through paneling with an aluminum frame. The clear panels are typically made of glass, fiberglass, or acrylic.
  • Rustic: Rustic garage doors are designed to look weathered and are a great choice for those seeking a style similar to carriage house garage doors.
  • Carriage house: Carriage house garage doors have a vintage appeal inspired by traditional carriage house doors used in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Unique Garage Door Colors

Garage doors are sometimes deemed unique for their unconventional colors. Below are some uncommon color options to consider.

  • Black: A lot of traditional garage doors are white, which is why a black garage door may be just what your home needs to stand out.
  • Multi-colored: When trying to decide what color you want your garage door to be, who said you have to stick to just one?
  • Different color window framing: Looking for a way to have a multi-colored door without it standing out so much? Try painting the area around your garage door windows a different color from your garage door’s.

Unique Garage Door Accents

If you need to spice up a mundane garage door, try using design accents. Here are a few notable ones.

  • Windows: Garage door windows can add a little more flair to your garage door and your home’s exterior. If you want the look of windows but with a bit more privacy, try opting for frosted windows instead.
  • Hinges and handles: Sometimes it’s the little things that count the most. In the case of garage door hinges and handles, this sentiment rings true. Decorative hinges and handles can help solidify the overall style of your door.

Trust Our Pros for Your Next Garage Door Installation

Looking for a unique garage door to take the look of your home’s exterior to the next level? Check out our gallery of garage doors to see your favorite design options up close and personal.

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