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9 x 7 Garage Doors



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You need a 9 foot wide by 7 foot high garage door, but determining the width and height is just the beginning. You also need to choose from insulation, material, and style options for 9 x 7 garage doors. Let’s discuss each and what might work best for your needs.

Insulation Options for 9 x 7 Garage Doors

Typically, 9 x 7 garage doors have the same options for insulation as other common garage door sizes do: one-layer, two-layer, and three-layer. Below we explain each and give advice on how each type may serve your needs.

  • One-layer garage door insulation consists of a single sheet of metal — your door — and no insulation. This option is the most basic but also the lowest cost. However, keep in mind that this may allow in noise and temperature extremes.
  • Two-layer garage door insulation includes a layer of insulation made of polystyrene or polyurethane foam in addition to a single sheet of metal. The extra insulation is effective for blocking out some outdoor noise and for helping to regulate the temperature within your garage.
  • Three-layer garage door insulation features two layers of metal with a layer of insulation in between. Those who live in extreme weather conditions or who wish to block out significant outdoor noise will find the three-layer door helpful.

Popular Material Options for 9 x 7 Garage Doors

Garage doors come in a variety of materials, but the most common is steel. Other garage door material types include vinyl, wood, and aluminum. Let’s review the different options.

  • Steel is a popular option for its low cost, durability, and ability to be customized. It also does not require much maintenance.
  • Vinyl garage doors have some of the same benefits as steel does, but unlike steel, vinyl is naturally resistant to moisture. However, darker colors don’t show up as well on vinyl as they do on steel. So if you plan to get a trendy new black garage door anytime soon, we recommend sticking to steel for your material.
  • Wood garage doors are an elegant statement piece for a home’s exterior; they are also the most expensive and high-maintenance material out of the four common types. Garage doors made of wood can easily raise your home’s value and curb appeal. For that reason alone, many opt for them.
  • Aluminum garage doors — also called full-view doors — typically have clear panels that allow you to see directly through them. While these doors require regular cleaning, they also add a sleek aesthetic to the exterior of a home, and some consider this benefit worth the extra maintenance.

Style Options for 9 x 7 Garage Doors

Since 9 x 7 garage doors are a popular choice for homeowners, the design options for this door size are numerous. Below are just a few trendy choices that suit these doors:

Wondering how these styles would look on your new 9 x 7 garage door? Check out our free garage door designer tool that lets you design a custom garage door with your favorite decoration options.

FAQs about 9 x 7 Garage Doors

Can I install a 9 x 7 garage door myself?

No. Do not attempt to install a garage door of any size yourself. In order to avoid injury or property damage, call a garage door professional for your installation.

What are the measurements for a garage door in terms of width and height?

Garage door width and heights vary. To guarantee accurate measurements and a precise fit for your new garage door, contact a garage door service professional.

Are 9 x 7 garage doors secure?

Yes. In general, 9 x 7 garage doors are secure. However, the level of security depends on the type of garage door lock and garage door material used. For example, an aluminum door with glass panels does not offer the same level of security as a steel garage door does. If security is a major concern of yours, consult with a garage door service professional to find the best option for you.

Get Professional Assistance from Precision Garage Door Service®

Finding the right garage door for your home requires much more than just determining width and height. Get assistance from the pros at Precision Garage Door Service®. We’ll help you determine what insulation, material, and style will work best for your home and needs. Contact us online today, or call (877) 301-7174.