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Ferguson, MO


When I called Precision on a Saturday, and requested immediate service that same day, I was elated they were able to send someone out that afternoon. The Service Technician was on time, professional, polite, and very knowledgeable. Though we were ready to pay anything just to have a functioning garage door that day, the Service Technician didn't just take our money to give us a quick, short-term, unsafe fix. He showed us what the problems were, and explained why he reached the conclusions in the recommendations he quoted. Even though we needed a much greater repair than expected, and didn't end up with a functioning garaged door that same day, we were very pleased with our Precision experience!

Jewel Scott

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Garage Door Repair


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Franklin County (877) 301-7474 13 Reviews
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Precision Garage Door of St. Louis

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Tim Ewing, Sean Patty, and Clark Wolfsberger

Precision Garage Door of St. Louis

938 St. Louis Ave
St. Louis MO, 63088
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